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Best high quality gadgets under $30 this month


From cell phone accessories to wearable technology, our generation has assimilated all sorts of gadgets and gizmos into our daily lives.

But, with all the growth in its respected field, there comes a challenge. How do we know which products to buy?

Sifting through the countless pages of Amazon Daily Deals and sponsored advertisements can become tedious, but we’re here to help.

The Spectrum’s monthly list of affordable tech should help you choose some great items that won’t cost too much money, but still offer great quality and optimal usage in your day-to-day life.

iPhone 6/s leather wallet case

Sheildon: $23.99

This wallet case is a steal at more than half off the original $51.99 price tag. It features three credit card slots, a secret pocket for dollar bills, as well as a foldable front and back cover to create a kickstand for your phone, which is perfect for watching YouTube videos or playing games.

After roughly two weeks of daily usage, the case has replaced my wallet completely. I was skeptical when I first opened the packaging to see a measly three card slots. I carry my credit card, student ID, driver’s license and some cash and I’ve run into no problems.

If you’re looking for a stylish phone case, or a substitution from the bulky wallet taking up precious space in your bag, I highly recommend trying out this wallet case. It also comes in plus sizes for the bigger iPhone.

Beta 13,000 mAh portable charger

Expert Power: $17.54

Most people are glued to their cell phones and for the average person, one charge doesn’t last a full day’s worth of activities. It can be annoying to have to track down a wall outlet and charging cord to re-juice multiple times throughout the day.

The Beta portable charger has a 13,000 milliamp battery, which is enough to charge the average smart phone an extra three to four times. For only $15, you’d be crazy to not want one.

The feature I found the most useful was the two USB ports. One is a regular port that will charge your phone like it’s plugged into a wall. The other one is a fast charge port that will charge your device almost twice as fast as a regular outlet.

Best of all, it’s very sleek and weighs almost nothing compared to other batteries of the same capacity. If you buy the white colored batter, it’s currently marked down from $25, making it considerably cheap, but still of high quality.

8pin iPhone HDMI adapter

FastDisk: $19.49

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or seen something funny on Facebook and wanted to show it to your friends? It can be annoying when four or five people all hover over your shoulder to watch a video on a five-inch screen.

With this iPhone HDMI cable you can plug directly from your phone into a TV and play videos from your phone on a bigger screen.

If your iPhone is 3G/4G compatible (all models from the 5-up are), you can plug the 8pin into the phone and the HDMI and USB into a compatible TV, then turn on your hotspot and you’re good to go.

This can be especially handy for long road trips or parties where you want to play music or watch videos on a bigger screen.

4 ft. left angled braided iPhone cord

CableCreation: $12.59

This cord solves the age-old problem that the standard Apple charging cord just can’t seem to fix. If you bend a regular cord too much, it will rip and essentially be useless.

This cable features a left angled USB port so you no longer have to bend cords around laptops or desks to charge your phone.

On top of that, the cord is reinforced by braided cotton, so you’ll have a tough time breaking it.

Compared to other standard rubber cords this is much cheaper, sturdier and stylish than the average iPhone cord.

Grid-It organizer

Cocoon: Starting at $10.79

One of the main problems students can have is organization. If you’re like me and have a Herschel Backpack, there are few to no pockets and no built-in organizers.

The Grid-It has solved all of my problems. It’s a 12x12-inch grid with rubber straps scattered across the board. On each strap there are rubber rivets to keep your items locked tight in place.

I can fit between four to six items on my Grid-It. I have my portable battery, external hard drive, charging cable and wallet on my grid. There’s also a pocket on the back that can be used for tablets or extra cords.

Depending on which model you buy you can spend between $10 and $30. The more you pay, the nicer the model. As you go up in price, you get more storage, leather accents and more color options. The Grid-It has now become a staple in my backpack.

Microfiber screen cleaners

i-ScreenClean: $14.99

One of my biggest pet peeves is a smudgy screen. I hate it when my phone or laptop has fingerprint marks or residue on the screen and it’s inconvenient to keep a cleaning cloth in my bag.

These screen cleaners are the perfect solution for anyone who likes to keep their tech looking brand new. The screen cleaners come in a pack of three. Shaped like a ball, on one side of the cleaner is a microfiber cloth and on the other is a regular cloth.

There are two sizes, one regular, one mini and one mini on a keychain. I keep the mini sized one in my glovebox, the regular in my desk at home and they keychain on my lanyard. Now wherever I go I can have access to a cleaner if my screens get dirty.

They are currently $5 off from their original $20 price tag. Although they’re a little cheesy they do come in handy if you’re conscious about keeping your devices looking new.

Max Kalnitz is the senior arts editor and can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @mkalnitz

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