Controversial Stands Should Be Taken for a Reason
Last week, The Spectrum assigned me to cover a forum on the war with Iraq. Unlike previous forums on the issue, the format of this was more similar to a debate, and I looked forward to hearing educated opinions from both the pro- and anti-war sides of the issue.From a journalistic standpoint, I was quite disappointed with the speeches and responses to questions on the part of the anti-war speakers.
Tug of War: Students and Faculty Debate War in Iraq
As the war in Iraq winds down, the Student Association sponsored a heated forum Monday afternoon in which pro- and anti-war advocates argued their positions and fielded questions from the audience.The forum, moderated by Student-Wide Judiciary Chief Justice Trevor Torcello, featured Candace de Russy, a SUNY Trustee, and Michael Zarkin, director of Hillel of Buffalo, on the pro-war side.
Just a Piece of Paper?
I've heard a million and one reasons not to get married: "I am unwilling to make a commitment." "I'm a hard-core feminist who considers marriage dogmatic." "I think marriage is simply an institution to serve the interests of the patriarchy.""I have a terminal illness." "I'm broke.""Marriage is just a piece of paper."Well, that piece of paper comes with a lot of perks.Currently, spouses of federal employees are entitled to a number of benefits, including, but not limited to, life and health insurance, retirement pay and compensation for on-the-job injuries.
Pape to Replace Hussein as President of Iraq
The United Nations, in a declaration that shocked the people across the world late last night, announced that SUNY Trustee and UB student George Pape would replace Saddam Hussein as president of Iraq.U.N.
Vintage McCarthyism Is Back in Style
Imagine that a waiter at a restaurant chain on Maple Road is discussing the war with Iraq and off-handedly remarks, "I'm ashamed that George W.
Members of Search Committee for 14th President Announced
A Presidential Search Advisory Committee has been appointed to find a replacement for President William R.
"Courtship Is Dead, but Manipulation Has Been Revived"
I know a woman who is tall, beautiful, intelligent and extremely successful. She is in her early 30s, has a sense of humor (albeit dry), is a great dancer and is not the type of woman who would kiss (let alone put out) on the first date.
'The Student Union Will Be Closing in Five Minutes'
I can't say Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2000, was one of those particularly remarkable days that will forever be etched in my memory.But something interesting, if not shocking, occurred on my way to my 9 a.m.
Pitfalls To Faith
Up until age 12, faith was a no-brainer. My parents, with the help of my godmother, raised me to be a devout Catholic, and I never really questioned much about religion.
When War and Recession Fornicate
Throughout the ages, babies have symbolized the beginning of a new age, a fresh start and bright hope for the future, and innocence unblemished by tragedy, disillusionment and meddling by society.That was certainly the case in the baby boom following World War II, when America was coming out of the Great Depression and beat the bad guys in Europe and Japan.But this is the new millennium.