Q-and-A: The Spectrum Fee Increase
By this time, you've probably heard about or seen The Spectrum petitioning the undergraduate students to get a referendum put on this year's 2003 Student Association electoral ballot to increase our student subscription fee by $2 per semester.
Get A Job
[vote on this issue]Each May, thousands of college students across the nation leave their alma maters in search of the next phase of their life.
Foreign Language Requirement
Out of all the courses undergraduate students must take to receive a SUNY diploma, perhaps the most disliked and the most complained about is the foreign language requirement."Why do I need to take (Spanish/French/Italian/Chinese) to graduate when I want to be a(n) (economist/reporter/politician)?" students have asked for years.
UB Gets Additional Delegate
Thanks to the increase in the size of UB's undergraduate population, the Student Association has been granted an additional seat on the State University of New York Student Association.Last spring, the undergraduate student body elected three representatives to serve as UB delegates: Anthony Burgio, Yesenia Diaz and Kathryn Walsh.
University Elections Committee Upholds Original Election Results
Controversy over the April 11 University Council elections was resolved Thursday night, when the UC Elections Committee ruled against former candidate Brendan Keane's request for a re-election.Keane contested the results of the election on the grounds that the election had been inadequately publicized and that the online voting polls were not adequately reliable.
"Big City Mentality, Small Town Mentality"
I was born in Peekskill, N.Y. For three years, I lived with my parents and my younger brother in an apartment we rented from my aunt Tina.
Religion: A Matter of Upbringing
When I lived with my family full time, Sunday was always the one day of the week when we were all at home.
The Simple Beauty of Cuba
For years, Cuba has remained geographically near yet culturally distant from the democratic and capitalistic society of America.Cuba remains a communist state headed by Fidel Castro, but "capitalism is coming back with a vengeance," said Jos?
Experience Is Its Own Reward?
Third year, second semester, feels remarkably similar to junior year in high school. Of course, you say, they're essentially the same thing: one year before your world changes drastically and permanently.
Pape Expected to Join SUNY Board of Trustees
President of the Faculty Student Association, President of Sub-Board I, New York State Student Assembly Vice President, NYSSA delegate and UB student George Pape may soon add another title to his current roster: SUNY trustee.Christopher Holland, former NYSSA president and student member of the SUNY Board of Trustees, resigned from his position Feb.