The Spectrum is Value-Added
Fact: Being a Spectrum alumnus is not a well-lit path down Journalism Road after graduation. A cursory examination of my Facebook friends' employers confirms this.
Letter To The Editor
$2 per student per semester. What is that, one beer at The Steer? Almost the amount required for one ticket to see the latest Ben Affleck film?
Feet First
"Parting is all we know of heaven, and all we need of hell."- Emily DickinsonOn Feb. 11, 1861, a tall, lanky Kentucky-born Illinois man boarded a train bound for Washington, D.C.
Feet First
"[Democrats] can't get elected unless things get worse - and things won't get worse unless they get elected,"- Jeane KirkpatrickConservatives and liberals.Republicans and Democrats.Fascists and communists (Aren't all Communists fascists in practice?).Plenty of labels exist for those who expend the minimum effort required to pay attention and become involved in politics.
Feet First
"I am Clin-ton. As overlord, all will kneel trembling before me and obey my brutal commands."- Clinton-Kodos, "The Simpsons"Last December, the New York Times reported former President William ("Bill" on his trading card) Clinton gathered a number of his former White House cohorts at his Harlem office to map an effective strategy to combat the latest crisis.It wasn't recovery from the terrorist attacks or the on-going war effort against al Qaeda.
"Supporters, Detractors Sound Off About Ex-President"
During former President Bill Clinton's eight years in office, either he guided the United States into an unprecedented age of economic expansion and international stability in spite of an unfair, illegitimate and partisan attempt to oust him from office, or ... Peace and prosperity were not the product of a tenure unremarkable at best, criminal at worst and justifiably subject to the highest sanction the Constitution allows: impeachment and removal from office.
"Fair Dominated by Pity, Contempt, Loathing"
Last week's Career Fest 2002 was not a hot bed of the smiles and handshakes of twenty-somethings landing their first "real" jobs, but rather characterized by strong negative emotions of pity, loathing and contempt.
Generation Article Solves All University's Problems
In response to a critical examination of UB and its policies published this week in Generation magazine, UB announced yesterday sweeping, fundamental changes to the very structure of the university.
Feet First
". it could have spewed from the Power Book of the laziest Hollywood hack."- Sideshow Bob, "The Simpsons"Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher (read: poor) and dead guy, wrote of a Leviathan government necessary to ensnare mankind to control the uncontrollable - namely, us.A leviathan today is needed to control the uncontrollable.
Feet First
"Why ya'll going up there?"- Evacuee asking NYC firefighter in Tower One, Sept. 11With more than a little anticipation, I tuned to Fox on Sunday between "Malcolm in the Middle" and "The X-Files" to watch the final trailer for "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" (Lord, that's a long title). I expected another tantalizing glance at the most anticipated film since, well, "The Phantom Menace."What I didn't expect is how much that trailer and CBS' documentary "9/11" are related.