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Sunday, March 03, 2024
The independent student publication of The University at Buffalo, since 1950

Letter To The Editor

Senate Made the Wrong Decision

$2 per student per semester. What is that, one beer at The Steer? Almost the amount required for one ticket to see the latest Ben Affleck film? Somehow, the Student Association Senate found this amount to be so prohibitive as to force them to deny students the opportunity to vote on raising The Spectrum subscription fee by $4. Their approval of the proposal would not raise the fee, merely allow UB's undergraduate population the option of choosing to do so themselves.

They failed to accomplish this simple task and failed to represent the interests of the students. In the process, the Senate morphed into a 2-year-old at his birthday party: trying to stuff handfuls of chocolate cake in his mouth, only failing and leaving a terrible mess in the process.

If passed, each student would pay $6 per academic year for The Spectrum. Certainly that is a bargain based on content alone. Despite class, homework, part-time jobs and the biological necessity of sleep, The Spectrum editorial staff turns out a quality product well positioned to cover the pertinent events and happenings at UB.

Even if you didn't glance at a single article, you can still earn your $6 in one week. Just pick up one Monday, Wednesday and Friday copy of the paper. Leaf through and read the advertisements and classifieds. It's almost certain you'll find $6 worth of savings. The following weeks will provide net savings, not to mention some worthwhile reading.

I certainly hope that any student presented with the opportunity to sign The Spectrum's petition for ballot access does so. Stop by 132 Student Union and ask. Give The Spectrum a chance to receive the money it needs - and has earned. I've worked with a great number, if not a majority, of this year's editors. They're worth a great deal more than $3 per semester.



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