My experience eating vegan on campus
As I parked my bike outside of the SU, my mouth began to water thinking about my vegan breakfast: a plain nine-grain bagel and a black coffee from Tim Hortons. I stood in line to order and pat myself on the back saying my personal mantra, “Not all heroes wear capes.” 
Adrenaline designers
Ian Buchman said he’s “kind of scared” of roller coasters.  Still, he works on them just about every day. He said he enjoys the planning aspect of them as secretary of UB’s Theme Park Engineering Club.
I deleted my social media
After months of deleting the apps on my phone only to re-download them in moments of boredom, I finally deleted my accounts on all but one social media platform.  This seemingly inconsequential act has had a profound impact on my life so far.
Best sex and love podcasts
You could have all of your sex questions answered while mindlessly walking to class.  All you have to do is turn off your tired daily mix and let your headphones transport you from the Baldy walkway to a Marvin Gaye music video. Last year brought us some of the best sex podcasts yet, and here are the ones you should be listening to.