SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg, dead at 57, and his silly, beautiful impact on a generation
It’s a summer night a few years ago and it’s a dire situation; I’m behind by six stars and 56 coins, my minigame track record won’t be doing me any favors when it comes to bonus stars, and we’re in round 30 of 30 in Mario Party. 
Overrated or underrated?
Opinions: everyone’s got them. As students, we often hear decisions made by or general messages from those in leadership positions.
Vice Provost for International Education Stephen Dunnett to step down in September
After 47 years at the university, nearly 30 of which were spent leading UB’s international programs, Stephen Dunnett announced he will be stepping down from the position Sept. 1, according to a UB press release. The university named John Wood, currently the senior associate vice provost in the department, as the interim vice provost once Dunnett officially steps down in September.
An open letter to freshmen Long Islanders
Hello all incoming freshmen from the pizzeria-strewn, lighthouse-encircled island that everyone loves to hate: Long Island. As a reformed Long Islander myself, I get where you guys are coming from. When you fly into town, you’ll scoff at Buffalo’s one terminal airport.
UB Director of Financial Aid John Gottardy verbally abused employees, according to UUP statement
Ten employees from the financial aid office have made “specific complaints” against Director of Financial Aid John Gottardy since his hiring in November 2013, according to a statement from the United University Professions, Buffalo Center Chapter sent to employees last week.
Student newspaper Villa Vibe launches in The Public
Buffalo’s largest print alternative weekly newspaper, The Public, usually features an art print — paintings, drawings, photography, etc.
The coup against cars
  On Friday, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in a press conference and on Twitter that Central Park would permanently be car-free starting in June, with the exception of the lowered roads that go through the park at 97th, 86th, 79th and 65th streets. As an anti-car citizen of Buffalo, I can’t help but dream of a car-free Delaware Park, which is currently cut in half by the hideous and hazardous Scajaquada Expressway.
Different foods for different moods
Going out to eat is always a good time, but choosing where to eat rarely is. Questions of “where do you want to eat?” are often answered with “I don’t know, where do you want to eat?,” endlessly shifting the responsibility of choosing a spot. Lucky for you, The Spectrum is really getting into flowcharts. We got this handy one here to help you figure out where you want to eat — both on and off campus. The city is filled with foods to fit any palate, and they’re all just waiting for you to find them.
Man vs. Bowl 2: The Flushening
Editor’s note: This is a follow-up piece to an article published in 2015 called “Man vs.