UB bone zones
What do you do when you when you decide to bring your Tinder date home but all three of your roommates are there?  Don’t worry kids, Charlotte Valentine’s got your back. 
F––k me right or f––king leave
              We’ve all been there –– you start seeing someone new and everything is great. You really just click.           Then you have sex for the first time and you don’t click at all. 
My mom thinks my ass is ‘all over the internet’
Leaked nudes and revenge porn are topics I am all too familiar with. 2016 was a weird year for me. It ended with Drug Dealer Dan, as mentioned in my previous column.  But it started even worse: my boyfriend of three years cheated on me. 
The night I don’t remember with the drug dealer I wish I could forget
Let me tell you a story about the night I blacked out.  The story actually begins the morning after. I woke up in my dorm room in only a bra. My phone, keys, the rest of my clothes and my dignity were nowhere to be found.