Annie Schneider


" Battling With ""Ed"""
Many college students are living secret lives. "Everyone and anyone can develop an eating disorder," said Miranda Zimmerman, a junior dance major who suffered from an eating disorder beginning in high school. Catherine P.
Networking to success
In a recovering economy, finding a job out of college can be a daunting task. Tuesday, however, UB students had the opportunity to learn effective strategies for standing out on an interview and were taught the importance of making and maintaining contacts. Cathleen Morreale, a coordinator for the public service internship and experimental learning program and Edward Brodka, a career counselor for the career services center at UB, gave a presentation to students on Tuesday describing strategic ways to search for internships. The seminar, titled "It's All About Internships, Secrets to Gaining Real World Experience," educated students on the art of networking and emphasized that making important contacts even before applying to internships is an important step to success. Brodka explained that only 15 percent of people land internships through vacancy listings.