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Movie Review: Dark Blue (****)

(02/24/03 5:00am)

One hour before a verdict is ready to ignite Los Angeles in flames, Sergeant Eldon Perry is dazed in his bedroom, with a half empty bottle of whiskey on the nightstand. Standing disheveled in his boxer shorts, Perry could use a shave, but he is too tense from watching the local news broadcast. According to the reporter, the jury is ready to decide the fate of four Los Angeles Police Department officers.

CD Review: 50 Cent (****)

(02/12/03 5:00am)

50 Cent only seems like an overnight success story. The truth reveals quite the contrary. Before there was "Wanksta," there was "How to Rob An Industry N----." The underground rapper aroused the ire of big industry hip-hop and R&B artists with lyrics dissing P. Diddy ("I'll snatch Kim and tell Puff, 'You wanna see her again?/ Get your ass down to the nearest ATM) and Mariah Carey ("I'll manhandle Mariah like, 'B----, get on the ground/You ain't with Tommy no more. Who gonna protect you now?'")