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My Name is Amanda

(04/28/11 4:00am)

As I am leaving UB and entering the next phase of my life, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to admit to a few things and apologize to the appropriate people, because frankly, it's too late now for the university to stop me from graduating, and I could use a little good karma.

Saving SUNY

(02/03/11 5:00am)

Student leaders from across the 64 SUNY campuses sent a strong message to Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday in response to his budget for the upcoming year. Along with a 10 percent, multimillion dollar cut to the SUNY budget came the governor's promise to not increase tuition for state schools this year.

Violence Drives Students Out of University Heights

(10/27/10 4:00am)

Early Saturday morning, five males were arrested and charged with various crimes in connection with assaults that happened on Lisbon Avenue. Five UB students were injured and taken to local hospitals. According to witnesses, the Buffalo Police Department took over 20 minutes to arrive on the scene. The Buffalo Police claim that the priority of the call was upgraded upon receiving reports of gunfire. Based on student testimonials, however, there were no gunshots fired at the scene.