Bar scene around South Campus continues to change

Molly's Pub opens; UB students share their opinions

The Spectrum

If The Steer and Northside had a baby, its name would be "Molly's Pub."

The bar scene on Main Street surrounding UB's South Campus is changing. Many students complained when the popular bars Mojo's and Northside closed before the fall semester, but those complaints seem to have subsided.

There's a new place to let loose and enjoy the night: Molly's Pub.

From the outside, the bar - located at 3199 Main St. - looks like a storage shed. Inside, it resembles a New York City sports bar.

After Northside and Mojo's closed, The Steer became students' only bar option near South Campus. But it no longer stands alone.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the line to get into Molly's has approximately 30 people steadily throughout the night. Students are enjoying the change of scenery and find Molly's to be a refreshing addition to UB's nightlife.

Alisha Netto, a junior communication major, said Molly's is more of a "club scene" than a bar because of its music. She likes that about the pub because everyone is "down to dance and get down," she said.

Before the pub opened, Netto and her friends primarily frequented The Steer and house parties. But since the spring semester began, Molly's is their go-to nighttime place. Netto and her friends went to Molly's three nights in a row each week for the first few weeks of school.

Netto likes the consistently crowded atmosphere. She said at the pub, it always feels like the "night is young."

Eva Tzelios, a senior occupational science and occupational therapy major, said she goes to Molly's approximately twice a week, usually on Friday and Saturday nights.

"The crowd is a pretty good mix of Greek Life and people outside of Greek Life, just like the other bars we've had on Main Street," Tzelios said.

She's glad Molly's isn't as "crazy" as the other 18-and-up bars were, like Northside and Mojos, before they closed. Tzelios said the inexpensive drinks and free cover charge for girls are pluses for Molly's as well.

Mackenzie Payne, a junior civil engineering major, said a lot of people might think Molly's is too crowded.

"It's new and everyone wants to check it out," Payne said. "I think they'll maintain a steady crowd of people, but I'm sure in a few weeks it will be slightly less crowded."

Payne's favorite aspect of the new bar is the constant buzz of activity inside; very few people just stand around, she said. She said if students at the bar aren't drinking, they're dancing, and that's what makes it "lively." She also likes that there's a disc jockey.

The owner of Molly's did not respond to interview requests.