Toxic fandom
As a sports fan, I love going to the games and watching my favorite teams play. No matter the sport, be it football, baseball, NASCAR, they are all great to watch in person.  But one of the worst parts of live games is being surrounded by obnoxious fans.
Letting her guard down
Head women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack is used to recruiting her players.  But freshman point guard Jessika Schiffer was different. In Legette-Jack’s words, “Jessika recruited me.”
Kicking and screaming
After another loss that comes from missed field goals, fans are not happy.  The football team has been plagued with missed field goals, and something needs to change. 
Women’s basketball head coach Felisha Legette-Jack talks 2019-20 season
Felisha Legette-Jack is entering her eighth season as the women’s basketball head coach, with 28 years of coaching college teams under her belt. In her eight seasons as the Bulls head coach, she has successfully led them to a 143-86 record (.601 win percentage).
March of the Bulls
We are almost three weeks away from the unofficial start of the UB Bulls basketball season (an exhibition against Daemen). And a quick glance at this season’s schedule –– posted earlier this month –– will tell you that Buffalo didn’t schedule any top-tier teams like it did last year and there aren’t a lot of tough teams on the schedule, either. Last year, if they hadn’t won the MAC, the Bulls were probably in as an at-large. This season, unless they run the table and win every game, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll have this opportunity again. It’s MAC or bust.
Pregaming: A UB football music rundown
We all have different songs for different moods.  The same goes for the Bulls football team, which warms up, practices and trains on music.  So we took to UB Stadium to discuss the Bulls’ favorites, recommendations and genres they avoid before their biggest games. 
Tyree’s mistake
Would you made the jump from the NCAA to the NFL, knowing you could never turn back?  That was a decision former UB football star Tyree Jackson made before he missed the cut on the Buffalo Bills’ final roster.