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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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"Mud, Sweat, and Tears"

He leaped to bump the ball, only to realize his feet were buried in the quicksand-like floor. The swamp he was standing in caused him to lose his balance and fall face first - with a splash. He was covered from head to toe in wet, freezing, chunky, brown mud - and he loved it. He used a teammate's shirt to wipe the mud out of his eyes and was ready to play again.


A Time to Remember and a Time to Forget

At the age of 15, Joe Diamond awoke to German soldiers barging into his home. They dragged him and his family out into the streets of his small town within Czechoslovakia. As he was hauled away, all he could hear was the ridicule coming from the window of one of his neighbors: "Can I have your winter coat?"


"Cichocki: Tough to Spell, Easy to Learn From"

Professor Dianna Cichocki spends her day surrounded by numbers, computers, and students. When the class is dismissed, she starts her other job: being a mother. Cichocki teaches statistical decisions in management at UB, but she hasn't been teaching here for very long.


It's the Climb

As he inserted his trembling foot into a small crevice and poked his fingers into a rigid hole, Alex Barganier climbed. He was frightened, but exhilarated by the rocks in Puerto Rico. Ascending higher and higher with caution, he felt his grip loosen and suddenly the senior economics major was free falling, unaware of where or how he would land.


P-P-P-Poker Face

After four years of shedding sweat on the field, former UB football player Travell Thomas put down his jersey and walked away from the game.

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