Spectrum editors share their most embarrassing sex stories
Read some of The Spectrum editors' most embarassing sex stories. 
Scoping out Buffalo?
Buffalo may not necessarily appear on the typical concert junkie's list of venues, but now may be the appropriate time to reconsider.
Are you afraid of the dark?
In reverence of the much loved holiday of horrors and the infamously great Nickelodeon show, here's a few ghastly great ghoul grinders that promise to entertain you while you wet your pants in the middle of some long, boring lecture.
"Beers, Bears and Beyonce: Spectrum Editors Judge Super Bowl Commercials"
Few things can be considered mainstays of the Super Bowl: happy fans, mad fans and commercials. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on 12-second advertisements for products we already use, as well as some we've never heard of.