Buck Futter!
If you haven't seen the nine or so existing episodes of "Saturday Night Live's" "Celebrity Jeopardy" skits by now, you should do the following: get a box of Pop Tarts from the store, go onto Resnetster and type in "celebrity jeopardy," then proceed to laugh for about an hour as some of the funniest stuff ever to grace American television.Many a night the boys and I have squeezed into my neighbor's room, cramming for a spot near the computer to try to get a glimpse of Sean Connery bagging on Alex Trebek once again.
Eclectic Electives Offer Expanded Education
Nestled in this spring's course catalog are a number of classes that, although they may not fulfill general education mandates or meet degree requirements, offer students the chance to expand their minds in the true liberal arts tradition.
Dental School Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Grant
Continuing UB's tradition of research-oriented development, the School of Dental Medicine announced Oct.
The People Behind the Buildings
If the classic stone buildings of UB's South Campus and the modern brick of North are divided by more than a century, the naming of each share a heritage of some of the region's and nation's most notable people.
UB Research Team Studies Ground Zero
With the nation is still reeling from the World Trade Center attacks, researchers at UB have already begun to study ways to minimize damage resulting from similar structural collapses.A team of four civil engineers from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences traveled to the World Trade Center wreckage site Sept.
Faculty and Students Sound Off on University Hospital
Although the prospect of a university hospital at UB has often been raised in light of recent medical school woes, the economic hardships of university hospitals in the SUNY system and nationwide have pushed the idea to the background.In their review of UB's graduate medical student residency program, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education cited among other concerns a lack of an overall administrative plan, along with overworked residents completing an insufficient amount of research.
Foreign Language and Literature Courses Consolidated
With the appointment of a new chair to a revised program, UB hopes to consolidate its foreign language and literature studies into a more centralized program.Rosemary G.
UB Ranked Top Ten in Yahoo! Tech Poll
UB now has one more technological achievement to add to its growing list. In a recent study of 1,300 colleges and universities, completed by the Internet service giant Yahoo!, UB was ranked the 10th most wired university in the nation.
"Blood, Sweat and Dollars for NYC Victims"
Since last Tuesday's tragedies, several organizations at UB have coordinated efforts to help ease the suffering of their victims.Over the past week, the amount of blood needed for transfusions has increased dramatically, leading to a nationwide surge in blood drives.