Making A Scene Wherever We Go
Every Thursday night of freshman year, my girlfriends and I would hooch ourselves up, blare music through Roosevelt 307, tuck our obviously fake IDs and $6 into our pockets, and hot-foot it to the bus stop for the riotous ride to PJ's.
Conspiracy Theory
Have you ever realized some force is aggressively acting against you, perhaps in combination with all of Nature and the National Parks Service?
Greeks Fill Putnam's with Lively Conversation
The Putnam's food court teemed with members of UB fraternities, sororities and two men's varsity athletic teams for several hours Tuesday, dominating the central dining area.The group occupied most of the food court tables, dividing itself largely by gender and Greek insignia.
As American As a One-Day Sale
The Sept. 11 terrorists were certainly misguided. Instead of hitting the World Trade Center, they should have crashed into the Mall of America.If they really wanted to hit us where it hurts, they would have avoided the WTC altogether and flown straight to Minnesota, or if that were too far, Fifth Avenue.
"Law Should Reflect Development, Not Determine It"
At 18, Jamie had a baby. It was not, contradictory to Hallmark sentiment, a very happy occasion. She attended her high school graduation six months pregnant and, instead of spending the summer growing into young adulthood, gained 40 pounds and read childcare books.Six months later, her 21-year-old sister Kelly is pregnant, and while even she acknowledges that the baby will arrive several years early, her pregnancy is not shadowed with the irony and resignation that fell upon Jamie's.
"Like Mother, Like Daughter"
It happened to me. And it will happen to you.The setting was Tops, late night, somewhere between bulk foods and the dairy aisle.
"Advisor's Link to Enron No Cause for Concern, Deans Say"
Top administrators in the UB School of Management have expressed confidence in a member of the SOM dean's advisory council and former Enron senior director of investor relations, Elizabeth N.
What's It to You?
About a month ago an obscure UB administrator told me that The Spectrum makes him laugh. He said the paper is funny because it covers the same issues over and over, and insinuated the whole effort is an over-excited chronicle of trifling events.
The Great (Un)Equalizer
Last week, Buffalo officials announced the impending layoffs of 433 teachers from the city's school system.
Anthrax Letter
A letter possibly bearing anthrax was opened in The Buffalo News' downtown office Thursday morning.The envelope, postmarked in Glasgow, Scotland, contained a piece of paper with the word "jihad" written on it and "about a handful" of a powdery substance, said Robert Cassell, an executive vice president of The News.The letter was opened at about 10 a.m.