Performance Review
Being the opening act for Dave Matthews is an accomplishment and honor in itself. Having Matthews introduce your band each night as "the greatest band in the world," however, is something else.
"Nietzsche's Is Still a Haven for Performers, Music Lovers"
At the end of the bar, on the wall next to perhaps the oldest pair of ruby red slippers in Buffalo, reads the sign, "There's no place like home." For many local musicians and artists, Dorothy's sentiment couldn't ring any more true.
Connecting With the Rebellious Books of the Fifties
For the past half-century, J.D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye has been the definitive coming-of-age story by which all others in American literature are judged.
CFA Grows With Three New Hires
In an effort to expand its operations and provide more community and outreach programs, UB's Center for the Arts has recently added three new staff members to its employment roster.
"Rainbow Nation"" Program Opens Africa to UB Students"
For the first time ever, UB students have the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program in Africa.
"Mohawk Place, a musical melting pot"
On Friday afternoon, a few men sipped whiskey at the quiet bar. At 6 p.m. local blues/rock band American Buffalo was playing to a largely college crowd speckled with professionals.The pub filled with bikers at 8 p.m.
"Dude, Read This"
Tommy Lee can't utter a sentence without using it. Aerosmith had a hit song using it and Nickelodeon had a hit TV show with it.
Creeley Captivates at Albright-Knox Reading
If it were up to groundbreaking American poet Robert Creeley, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's current exhibition, The Tumultuous Fifties: A View from the New York Times Photo Archives, might have had a different name."'The Tumultuous Fifties' could be equally called 'The Brutal, Oppressed Fifties,'" said Creeley.
History With Grandma
Searching through the cupboards of my apartment this morning, looking for some edible form of breakfast, I came upon an out-dated can of tomato soup my grandmother gave me this past summer.