ELI Chat Room Teaches English Through Conversation
UB's English Language Institute is giving its international students a chance to learn English from an old-fashioned but highly interactive educational tool: other students.The Learning Center, located in 209 Baldy Hall, hosts ELI's "chat room," where Monday and Thursday evenings casual conversations gradually translate into a better understanding of the English language.
Professor Seeks Town Board Seat
On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Jim Twombly, visiting assistant professor of political science at UB, will contend for one of three open seats on the Amherst Town Board.
Those Elusive Eight Hours
The recent midterm crunch has left many students suffering the aftereffects of sleep deprivation and an unhealthy nocturnal schedule.
Corporate Vultures Are Fact Of Life In United States
Have you ever wondered why we find the vulture distasteful? We revere lions, calling them the kings of the jungle for taking life and causing destruction, but we shun the vulture, who simply eats what has already passed.Vultures are resourceful, making the best of a bad situation.
Management School Named
Forbes magazine furnished UB's School of Management with yet another reason to enlarge its MBA program, which the school saw increase in size by nearly 40 percent this fall.In a study to be released in its Oct.
Management's LEAP Program Helps UB Students Land Internships
Many students spent this summer working at internships in hope of finding their dream job. Some students returned with job offers, some with valuable work experience, and others gained an expertise in alphabetizing files.UB's School of Management, through its Learning Experimentally in an Academic Practicum (LEAP) program, placed over 300 students in internships last summer, some of whom have learned more about the business world than any class could teach them."There are many good internships and many bad ones ... we try to weed out the bad ones so students can make the most of their opportunity," said Geraldine Kogler, director of the LEAP office since its inception 23 years ago."When a company comes to us with a request we get details on what exactly the students will be doing before we post the jobs on our Web site ... we avoid clerical positions and companies that are looking for free help.
Diamond in the Musical Rough
Powerful music and harmonic vocals echoed through the side streets of Allentown Monday evening as the Rosaleen Marion Band took the stage at Nietzsche's, a local bar that houses hosts a weekly array of musical acts.