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Friday, January 28, 2022
The independent student publication of The Unversity at Buffalo, since 1950



Letter to the editor

My name is Julia Delorimiere and I am an undergraduate at UB. I am a member of the St. Regis Mohawk tribe of the Six Nations and I am a proud Indigenous student. After reading the highly offensive piece in regards to Columbus Day, I couldn’t help but to feel a great deal of sadness and anger.


Kicking and screaming

After another loss that comes from missed field goals, fans are not happy.  The football team has been plagued with missed field goals, and something needs to change. 

Students gather on the Spine on Thursday.

Editorial: We can’t give hate speech a platform

On Thursday afternoon, a man with no known UB affiliation stood in the spine for roughly three hours shouting xenophobic and homophobic opinions.  This quickly garnered the attention of roughly 150 students, with large crowds filing around him in between classes.


These men need to be held accountable

I remember clear as day the way he looked at me.  Precisely the way no girl wants to be looked at, especially by a 50-year-old married man. He didn’t see me. He saw a young, naive girl he thought he would be able to have his way with.


A letter from the former fat girl

I was always the resident fat girl, and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t trying to get rid of that title. So, coming into my second semester of my freshman year (spring 2018), I decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. 


DaBaby settles for average on 'KIRK'

In a time when lyrical rappers rarely make the XXL Freshman list, DaBaby was a breath of fresh air. He made a name for himself spitting catchy and smart bars over trendy instrumentals on his 2019 debut record “Baby on Baby,” and through features on some of the biggest records of the year so far.


Glimmers of light in lackluster Buffalo

I moved to Buffalo in January from tropical paradise in Singapore.  Of course I was in for a rude awakening, what else could I have expected? I knew Buffalo was not going to be as big, advanced or as happening as Singapore or even my hometown of Hyderabad, India but I didn’t think it would be this boring and slow. 


March of the Bulls

We are almost three weeks away from the unofficial start of the UB Bulls basketball season (an exhibition against Daemen). And a quick glance at this season’s schedule –– posted earlier this month –– will tell you that Buffalo didn’t schedule any top-tier teams like it did last year and there aren’t a lot of tough teams on the schedule, either. Last year, if they hadn’t won the MAC, the Bulls were probably in as an at-large. This season, unless they run the table and win every game, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll have this opportunity again. It’s MAC or bust.


The Queen retires her crown

I was about 12 years old, when “Super Bass” came on. Instantly, I was allured by the song. My body started involuntarily jumping around to the music. And after a few verses, I caught on to a few repeated phrases.  Soon enough, two preteens were screaming the lyrics, parading down the sidewalk. 


Fall Fest doesn’t matter anymore

UB Fall Fest’s reputation used to extend past the boundaries of campus. Students who attended UB in 2012 had access to see J. Cole, Childish Gambino and French Montana take the stage all in the same night for no cost –– other than the student activity fee that is already part of their bill.


Dancing with the ‘Boys in the Band’

As a Buffalo Bandette, I’ve danced at the KeyBank Center countless times, but this time was different.  I walked into an arena with no lacrosse players, no turf and more lights than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And the experience was one I will never forget: dancing on stage with New Kids on the Block.


When catchy artists catch a case

No industry boasts problematic faves like the music scene –– with some of the most problematic holding titles as icons. But you still love them, you belt their lyrics and mimic their dance moves.


Letter to the Editor

What does it mean when a white woman tells a Black woman to be civil? You would assume that the woman being told to be civil was out of control. That they were yelling. That they were using profanity. That they were not giving others a chance to contribute to the conversation.  Unfortunately, none of this has to be true when you are a Black woman in our society. All that is required to be deemed uncivil is an opposing stance. 

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