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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
The independent student publication of The Unversity at Buffalo, since 1950



The Queen retires her crown

I was about 12 years old, when “Super Bass” came on. Instantly, I was allured by the song. My body started involuntarily jumping around to the music. And after a few verses, I caught on to a few repeated phrases.  Soon enough, two preteens were screaming the lyrics, parading down the sidewalk. 


Fall Fest doesn’t matter anymore

UB Fall Fest’s reputation used to extend past the boundaries of campus. Students who attended UB in 2012 had access to see J. Cole, Childish Gambino and French Montana take the stage all in the same night for no cost –– other than the student activity fee that is already part of their bill.


Dancing with the ‘Boys in the Band’

As a Buffalo Bandette, I’ve danced at the KeyBank Center countless times, but this time was different.  I walked into an arena with no lacrosse players, no turf and more lights than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And the experience was one I will never forget: dancing on stage with New Kids on the Block.


When catchy artists catch a case

No industry boasts problematic faves like the music scene –– with some of the most problematic holding titles as icons. But you still love them, you belt their lyrics and mimic their dance moves.


Letter to the Editor

What does it mean when a white woman tells a Black woman to be civil? You would assume that the woman being told to be civil was out of control. That they were yelling. That they were using profanity. That they were not giving others a chance to contribute to the conversation.  Unfortunately, none of this has to be true when you are a Black woman in our society. All that is required to be deemed uncivil is an opposing stance. 


Dining hall blues

As a campus resident, my most economical choice for food is a meal plan, of which I have the 14. This is feasible for the majority of those who choose on-campus dining options.  But the majority of students don’t live with the rather debilitating GI disorder known as Crohn’s Disease, which has stripped me of the ability to eat wheat and dairy products safely.


Two brothers in paradise

"I’ve got two tickets to the UB football game and Eddie Money is performing.” This is how it (pretty much) went down on Oct. 8, 2016, when rock icon Eddie Money was set to play a home football game and the Blanchet brothers (us) were rocking a buzz cut and frosted tips.


Make more rules but don’t ban Juuls

I started Juuling this summer after my friend left his Juul in my car.  As a first-time smoker, I enjoyed it, it hit easy and didn’t even leave me smelling like an ashtray. I found a new drinking companion. Until I went into work one morning, after vaping all night and had an hour-long cough attack.


Tyree’s mistake

Would you made the jump from the NCAA to the NFL, knowing you could never turn back?  That was a decision former UB football star Tyree Jackson made before he missed the cut on the Buffalo Bills’ final roster. 



Low and behold, I found a footbridge almost exclusively used by staff who work in the buildings in the southwest corner of North Campus. We encountered a larger mess of bottles, cans, wrappers and those little white napkins and cups that have the bold blue letters on them. 


A reminder.

Where I am right now, on this Tuesday afternoon, is on a train to Buffalo from Schenectady. My head is pounding, my body aches and I desperately need sleep. After everything I’ve gone through in the last day, I fully understand why I’m on this train. But what I am struggling with is comprehending how much my life has changed in just 24 hours.


UB students need more meal swipes

Nineteen meal swipes never felt like enough for me. Whenever I go get chicken tenders at Fowl Play, I always want every sauce available, especially their famous “Boom Boom Sauce.” Sadly, that ends up costing extra.


Ever upward or farther downward?

“Free tuition for lower-income students.” Like many young teens in America in 2017, similar headlines filled me with excitement and hope for a future that never seemed possible. Growing up in a low-income, single-parent household, I didn’t see college as the natural next step in my life. 


Letter from the Editor: Growing the voice of the student body

We occasionally report on stories that aren’t always a positive reflection of this campus and our opinion page is always flooded with outspoken columns. We try to give a voice to as many students as we can.  This is the way it should be, though. We’re doing our jobs when we inform the community and we’re doing our jobs when we keep you involved.

The Spectrum

Is the n-word overrated?

Every time I ask my friends not to say “n---a,” I get the following responses: “Oh, you know I didn’t mean it that way,” “It’s part of the song so relax" or “I’m a person of color, so it’s OK.”

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