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Sunday, October 02, 2022
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Sculptures of the dead were often made to accompany their body as a memorial to their life.

Ancient Egyptian mummies invade the Buffalo Museum of Science

A dark room filled with nameless corpses might not seem like a great place to spend an afternoon. But paired with unique coffins, intricate Graeco-Egyptian portraits and gold-coated bandages, the Buffalo Museum of Science offers an exciting and insightful experience.  The Golden Mummies of Egypt’s world premiere Saturday welcomed coffins, corpses and culture to Buffalo. The display, on tour from the Manchester Museum’s world-class collection, features a series of mummies and artifacts from the Graeco-Roman period of Egyptian culture. The artifacts date as far back as 332 B.C.E. and are combined with an enticing mix of immersive technology that connects the ancient and modern worlds. 

Waterparks album cover

Lonely heart club anthems

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the panic is beginning to set in. As partners struggle to navigate Pinterest in search of thoughtful gifts, us singles will be carefully curating playlists to remind our lonely hearts that we “ain’t got no valentine.”

Caiaphas (Alvin Crawford), Annas (Tyce Green) and other priests singing about their plot to kill Jesus Christ.

‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ brings 50th anniversary tour to Shea’s

When “Jesus Christ Superstar” debuted in the ‘70s, it shocked audiences with its loud rock music, modern themes and non-traditional biblical interpretations. While rock is no longer the radical genre it once was, the latest U.S. tour has updated the revolutionary musical with aspects such as hip-hop choreography to help keep the show relatable for new generations.

Poster for “Marriage Story”

Worst movies for ‘Netflix and chill’

In the age of streaming, finding content to backdrop “Netflix and chill” should be easier than ever. After hitting it off with a love interest, the natural step once the two of you are hanging out at either’s place is to “put on a show to watch.”


92nd Academy Awards predictions and opinions

This Sunday, awards season is coming to a close with the 92nd Academy Awards. Despite being one of the latest award shows of the season, the Oscars always tend to generate the most buzz and controversy, thanks to persistent and valid criticism like #OscarsSoWhite.

The Choir of Gonville & Caius College performed in the Slee Visiting Artist Series, last semester.

What to expect at Slee Hall this semester

In a musical time where hip-hop and pop dominate arena concerts and punk shows run underground venues, it feels like classical music is underrepresented in the performance scene. But it isn’t hard to find it at UB.

General logo for the Grammy Awards.

The best and worst performances of the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards

There was a shadow over the Grammy Awards this year. Whether this was due to the very recent passing of basketball legend Kobe Bryant or the various controversies surrounding the show, is not certain. Still, it is indisputable that the performances are one of the most anticipated parts of the Grammys, and that remained the case this year. The actual awards are never indicative of future success, but a particularly memorable performance –– good or bad –– can live on forever.


The grapevine

With the pressure of a new semester on the horizon, sometimes the only way to relieve that added stress is to go to a concert. From metal to underground hip hop and even legends from the ‘80s, here is a list of some of the most anticipated upcoming shows in the Buffalo area.


Games to warm up with this winter

For many students, winter break is an excellent time to recover from the exhausting fall semester. But as the January days grow colder and drag on, a break can become boring. So what to do when you have an entire month to yourself? Play video games of course.

Joshua Grosso performs "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" in his role as Marius.

'Les Misérables' moves through pain, redemption and range during Buffalo stop

“Les Misérables,” the classic French novel turned musical, brought both emotion and precision during its opening night Tuesday at Shea’s Performing Arts Center.  The musical, which runs downtown through Sunday, is based around the redemptive tale of prisoner-turned-mayor Jean Valjean, the heartwarming story of young lovers Cosette and Marius and a student uprising that turns deadly.

“Christmas at the Tavern” explores the semi-autobiographical struggles faced by playwright Tom Dudzick’s family in 1959 Buffalo.

‘Christmas Over the Tavern’ brings comedy to Catholicism

Most locals think of the Pearl Street Brewery as Seneca Street’s preferred bar, but celebrated playwright Tom Dudzick prefers the memory of his father’s tavern.  Big Joe Dudzick’s Tavern, located at 770 Seneca Street, was the inspiration for Dudzick’s hit musical, “Christmas Over the Tavern.” 

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