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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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The best movies to watch for 4/20

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show

<p>Mac (Snoop Dogg) holds a massive joint in “Mac &amp; Devin Go to High School.”&nbsp;</p>

Mac (Snoop Dogg) holds a massive joint in “Mac & Devin Go to High School.” 

There are countless holidays surrounding alcohol consumption. From St. Patrick’s Day beers to champagne on New Year’s Eve, drinking has become a large part of holiday celebration.

But for those who prefer a joint over a shot, there’s one day dedicated to all things ganja: April 20 (commonly referred to as 4/20).

Born out of a declaration by Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh that 4:20 p.m. is an acceptable time of day to toke, 4/20 has morphed into a day to celebrate the joys of Mary Jane.

Here’s a list of the top six movies to throw on while you’re sparking up this Wednesday:

“Mac & Devin go to High School” (2012)

If you dabble in the devil’s lettuce and you haven’t seen this movie, you are committing a sin. Starring Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, this R-rated film has it all — comedy, drama and friendship.  

This motion picture tells the story of an unusual chemistry project pairing: Devin (played by Wiz Khalifa), a brainiac future Ivy Leaguer, and Mac (played by Snoop Dogg), who’s been a high school senior for 15 years. The two form an unlikely bond through the use of marijuana.

Be sure to take Slow Burn’s advice in the beginning of the movie — this is a masterpiece that was made to be watched when you’re high.

“Scarface” (1983)

Based on the 1929 novel of the same name, “Scarface” revolves around themes of immorality and greed to tell the tale of Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino), a Cuban immigrant who rises to the top of the cocaine game in Miami. 

Killing anyone standing in his path and creating many enemies in the process, Montana will pay any price to clutch power. But, his ego proves to be the cause for his downfall after he loses everyone around him. 

This movie provides a healthy dose of adrenaline that will excite any viewer, but be ready for 170 minutes of violence and blood. 

“Spirited Away” (2001)

When 10-year-old Chihiro and her parents stumble into a seemingly abandoned amusement park, their reality shifts.

After her parents are turned into pigs, Chihiro realizes she and her family are in danger. The evil witch, Yubaba, plans to keep trespassers stranded on her fantasy island as workers — including Chihiro and her parents. Chihiro must rely on her new friend, Haku, to get her and her family home safely. 

Between the detailed animations and Chihiro’s various issues, this is the perfect film for a little mindless wandering. 

“Goodfellas” (1990)

Not for the faint of heart, “Goodfellas” presents the violent saga of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and his time with the Lucchese crime family. Backed by a rock-heavy soundtrack and standout performances from Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, the film has no shortage of memorable moments that will keep audiences glued to their screens. 

At 146 minutes, the film is sure to occupy any friend group looking to pass some time, and is complete with a seamless blend of perfect filmmaking and a captivating tale. Regardless of the time or place, “Goodfellas” will always be a film for adult audiences to enjoy, regardless if it’s their first or hundredth viewing.

“The Other Guys” (2010)

Few films are as likely to have friends laughing as much as “The Other Guys.” Telling the story of NYC detectives Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) as they’re caught in the biggest investigation of their careers, the film follows the duo as they go from at-odds partners to best buds.

There isn’t enough room to list every scene here, but the film boasts an impressive amount of quotable moments that are sure to get stuck in the heads of first-time viewers for years to come — ensuring dozens of subsequent rewatches.

“Castle in the Sky” (1986)

Looking for something adventurous? Look no further than the Studio Ghibli classic, “Castle in the Sky.” Released at a time when director Hayao Miyazaki still had much to prove, the film’s relaxing animation is sure to excite, as viewers get to watch one of the most innocent yet captivating adventures in the world of anime. 

The fictional worlds are beyond beautiful and the young protagonist on his quest to find the titular castle will undoubtedly win over the hearts of any viewer. 

Kayla Sterner is an assistant sports editor and can be reached at 

Alex Falter is a senior arts editor and can be reached at  

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Alex Falter is a senior arts editor at The Spectrum.


Kayla Sterner is an assistant sports editor at The Spectrum. She is studying communications with the hopes of being a sideline reporter. In her spare time, she can be found in the gym, watching football or vibing to Mac Miller. Kayla is on Twitter @kaylasterner. 



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