Buffalo’s best New York-style pizza

A rundown from a true New York perspective


A true New Yorker knows what good pizza is: hand-tossed until it’s stretched to give perfectly wide slices, foldable yet crispy crust, zesty tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese thicc enough to make your girlfriend jealous. 

Buffalo may be in New York State, but the pizza often doesn’t live up to the city’s standards. We compiled a list of Buffalo’s pizzerias that come closest to offering true New York-style pizza.

Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria

2872 Delaware Ave.

This is Buffalo’s best shot at New York-style pizza. With sea-salted tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella with chopped basil over it, charred and thin crust, Jay’s oven-wood-fired marinara pizza can make a grown New Yorker cry. 

The downfall is that Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria doesn’t serve slices, only pies. They range from $12 to $16.50, which is perfect for the high-quality pizza they serve.

Zetti’s Pizza and Pasta

4621 Maple Rd.

 Located right across the street from North Campus, Zetti’s plain cheese pizza almost reached New York quality, but not quite with the grease. But don’t let the grease disappoint you, because you get the “most bang for your buck” with their wide slices.

 Overall, it’s not a bad option if you’re looking for your late-night cheese fix.

La Nova Pizzeria 

371 W Ferry St.


La Nova's plain cheese pizza inside of their aesthetically pleasing pink box.

La Nova’s cheese pizza checks off every requirement for New York-style pizza, but with a twist: there’s sesame seeds on the crust, which add a smoky flavor to the already flavorful pizza. 

And if sesame-seeded crust isn’t exotic enough for your palette, La Nova offers Senor L.J’s Taco Pizza and almonds as toppings.

This pizzeria is also aesthetically pleasing, with pink and green delivery boxes, along with its naturally-lit seating area –– characterized by wide windows –– and pictures decorating the walls. So shout-out to all the Instagrammers. 

Daddio’s Pizza

1247 Hertel Ave.

If you’re into thick slices, sweet marinara sauce and pepperonis shaped like cups, Daddio’s is the place for you. 

Although not New York style, the thick crust was so nice, it may just open a true New Yorker’s mind to a new, carb-heavy lifestyle. 

Alexandra Moyen is the assistant news editor and can be reached at alexandra.moyen@ubspectrum.com and @alexandramoyen.


Alexandra Moyen is the editor in chief of The Spectrum.