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Shortage of tickets for Winter Gala

12/04/17 2:27am | By WANLY CHEN

Student Association’s Winter Gala has been an eagerly anticipated event for UB students since the tradition began in 2001, but many students will be unable to attend this year after the 800 tickets to the event sold out within two days.

Students shared their frustration about the sold out event, citing conflicting work and class schedules as reasons for their inability to purchase tickets in time, while SA representatives ­­–– who are able to reserve and purchase tickets at a discouned rate ­­–– believe nothing can be done to improve the system.

The Gala, reminiscent of a high school prom and hosted at Samuel's Grande Manor on the Saturday after the last day of classes, invites hundreds of students to dress up in their best formal wear for a classy night of entertainment.

Tickets are sold for $30 at the SBI office on North Campus and at Harriman Hall on South Campus.


UB students petition for Stampede to go downtown

10/25/15 1:21pm | By TY ADAMS

Kathryn McSpedon, a junior English major, has started a petition aimed at UB Parking and Transportation Services demanding the Stampede buses travel downtown to prevent drunk driving and give students a safe option to explore Buffalo’s nightlife. The Stampede currently runs a five-mile route from North to South Campus. The petition is on and had 35 signatures as of Sunday evening.


Students pie professors

UB students throw pies at professors to raise money for Toys for Tots charity

10/23/15 12:13am | By ASHLEY INKUMSAH

On Thursday, Carrasco, a senior pharmacology and toxicology major, and other students paid $3 to throw pie in their professors’ faces for the first-ever Pie a Professor event. Pie a Professor is organized by UB’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) in an effort to raise money for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. RHA raised more than $600 and 160 students participated.



Reliable transportation graces Buffalo with Uber

10/22/15 10:08pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Uber is a transportation company that connects drivers to riders through the Uber app on smartphones. This app is a new form of taxi service that launched in 2009 and is already available in many cities. Many students have used this app before in other cities and are looking forward to its Buffalo launch because of the app’s accessibility.


Top pumpkin and apple picking farms in Buffalo

10/21/15 3:24am | By TY ADAMS

Among the different events held on UB’s campus for Halloween, there are a handful of things to do off campus as well. Apple and pumpkin picking are popular Halloween activities around the country, so here is a list of the places in Buffalo where one can enjoy the holiday.


College students face slut-shaming on Halloween

10/21/15 3:22am | By SOPHIA MCKEONE

When we fail to remember the more important qualities of being a woman, an even bigger problem emerges between Halloween and females. The problem according to Glann is called “slut-shaming,” an act of putting down, disparaging, insulting and otherwise degrading women for making choices about their own bodies.


Debate Society

Debating on campus becomes recreational

10/18/15 1:40pm | By JOHN JACOBS

This semester, Angela Kim brought a club back to UB that hasn’t been around since 2003. Kim, a sophomore nursing major, set up UB’s Debate Society after meeting with professor James Holmes, who teaches an economic debate class.


Caribbean SA

CSA looks to bring Caribbean culture to UB

10/15/15 6:54pm | By TY ADAMS

UB’s Caribbean Student Association (CSA) has held its annual Caribbean Awareness Week throughout this week, with events to highlight Caribbean culture, educate the UB community and dispel stereotypes.

CSA want more students to be aware of Caribbean culture because of the Caribbean population at UB and the influence the culture has on society.


Makeup mojo

10/13/15 10:07pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

Makeup artistry has been a growing trend over the last couple of years. Simple eyeliner and mascara won’t do anymore and thousands of girls are showing off their skills on Instagram and YouTube. Students at UB vary their makeup depending on where they are going and the amount of time they have to get ready.


Is there such a thing as a ‘best’ major?

10/13/15 9:34pm | By TY ADAMS

UB offers students approximately 100 undergraduate degree programs, from which students pick one or two that ultimately predict their likelihood of employment and success after college. Data at UB shows that the STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – fields are a student’s best bet.



American Horror Story: Hotel is creepy at best

10/11/15 1:45pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Nothing good ever comes out of scary movies or TV shows that take place in a hotel – just think of Psycho or the prequel TV show Bates Motel. American Horror Story: Hotel, the fifth season of the series premiered on Wednesday, Oct. 7 – and it certainly lived up to its predicted creepy hotel vibe.