Tony Conrad's music and films have often defied conventionality. His work is often described as traditional manipulations of rhythm and melodic form - experimental and acerbic, a rejection of the structure of high culture.Much like his music, Conrad is a revolutionary thinker, a man constantly changing, adopting new modes of thinking and living.
Remembering a Forgotten History: China's Nanjing Massacre
One of the most gruesome historic displays of human cruelty, an event that led to the death of more people than the Roman Conquest of Carthage and the Spanish Inquisition, is almost non-existent in the historical record.
Concern For Limits on Student Visas
Recent legislative proposals to tighten immigration laws and student visa requirements have sparked concern in the world of higher education."Right now there are lots of unknown things about the legislation," said Steven Shaw, director of international admissions at UB.
"Sweatshop Day of Action"" Culminates in Pistachio's"
As part of a nationwide campaign against sweatshops worldwide and the unfair labor practices of U.S.
UUP Rallies for Rights of Part-Timers
Inequities in pay and benefits between part- and full-time faculty members in colleges and universities nationwide caused members of the United University Professions, a union for faculty and professionals within the SUNY system, and the Western New York Committee on Contingent Academic Labor to rally in the Student Union Social Room Tuesday.The rally, part Campus Equity Week, used guest speakers, videos and music to explore themes relating to the pay and treatment of part-time faculty.
Vietnamese Author Explores American Experience
In a lecture and reading delivered Thursday at the Center for the Arts Screening Room, author Andrew X.
Athletics Program to Undergo Certification Process
Last week, UB announced its athletics program will be the subject of a year-long, intensive study as part of the National Collegiate Athletics Association Division I certification program.As a result of joining D-I in 1993, the university is required to undergo a self-run study in an effort to ensure commitment to honesty and equity in the university's athletic programs.Barbara Ricotta, dean of Student Affairs and chair of the study committee, said the study will examine both negative and positive aspects of the athletics program.
A Look At Ourselves
While Americans everywhere lament the terrible loss created by the recent terrorist acts upon the World Trade Center, there is a greatly pervasive and insidious sentiment that has struck fear and terror to Arab and Muslim Americans.