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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Breaking into a new reputation

Funk music blares from the Flag Room as Henry Chen spins effortlessly. With the entirety of his body weight balanced on one hand, it looks like he's performing an upside-down pirouette as he spins; the move he's practicing is called a 199. Breaking (or breakdancing, as it is more popularly known) began in the '70s as part of the hip-hop culture, and while it looks cool, some people shy away from it because of the misconceptions surrounding it.


Too Much of a Good Thing?

Most students come to college thinking that the parties will be like the ones they see in the movies. College parties are not all fun and games, though. About 25 percent of college students deal with significant academic consequences related to their drinking, according to the Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education.


Facing AIDS

On Wednesday, condom-shaped balloons floated around the Student Union, but not for the purpose of making students laugh. Every 16 seconds, someone dies from AIDS, and SBI Health and Education Services participated in World AIDS Day to help students become more aware of this deadly disease and its effects. "This year, the theme was ?Facing AIDS,'" said Courtney Bauer, assistant supervising counselor at SBI Health Education.

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