The Human Body Brought to Life
Shelley Jackson does not accept the functions of the body and humans as benign. In the series of vignettes that make up her new book released this month from Anchor Books, The Melancholy of Anatomy, Jackson gives the body's parts and functions personalities that are larger than life.Sperm, for example, is not a mere bodily fluid.
Spring Breaks in the Shadow of Poverty
As the crowds of spring breakers return to the everyday routine of classes, a new theme of complaints seems to be surfacing - and it's not about the courses.
The Incredible Strip Mall Jungle
The wind blows through the empty street, past the hollow storefronts begging to be leased. No, it is not the beginning of a Western showdown, but a battle is raging.
Stop the Insanity
Like all the horrible hazing stories from past years, the death of an Alfred student and other similar incidents recently reminded me of the value of thinking for yourself.
"Sam I am"" a heart breaker"
People with mental disabilities may never meet the standards deemed ordinary in the American psyche.
A Simply Melodious Trio
There were no bright flashing lights, no dramatic announcement - only the music, which would speak for itself.
Thompson Bares All In Irreverent CFA Show
Like a breath of ironic fresh air, Scott Thompson, best known for his part in the quirky "Kids in the Hall" sketch comedy series, brought laughter and ridiculousness to UB's Center for the Arts Friday.As Thompson entered the CFA from the back entrance doors, the audience heard muttering intermingled with swearing, as he made his way toward the stage.
Mexican Celebration Honors The Deceased
As Americans don costumes and gorge on candy, the people of Mexico celebrate Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, which falls on the same day as Halloween.
Adulthood is Inevitable
Adulthood looms. I can feel it. I'm a senior and what Bill Cosby has said is true: college is a four-year suspension of reality.
She Survived the Falls But Fell to Gender Bias
One hundred years ago, the myth of Niagara Falls was conquered when an unlikely local survived a barrel trip over the falls.