Commander-in-beef (cake)
This is a satirical column. Discussion of past commanders-in-chief typically surrounds their background and policy stance.  But the important question is: how hot are they?
‘The comeback (to Buffalo) kid’
John Mulaney made it clear that if someone was confident enough to interrupt his joke, he would call them out. The comedian bounced off of disruptive student comments while performing his set Saturday night. He asked their names and majors, and some had their comments turned into jokes.  But the crowd was more than happy to play along.
Back-to-School Movie Guide
The film season between August and September sits comfortably between summer blockbusters and Halloween releases.
UBCon XXIX A Bard's Rhyme: A tribute to the tabletop
Paul Mercer, a regular attendee at UBCon, said he spent $1,500 on his full-body fursuit, equipped with a fan installed in the head.