Plan for the Future?
"So, what are you going you do after graduation?"That's the mantra. I hear it everywhere I go from virtually everyone I meet.
Digital Cable May Be in Store
The UB campus network may be growing significantly next year as a proposal for a new digital cable system is currently under consideration.
"Engineers Crack Up, Seize Bert's Diner"
Several engineering students, enraged by overwhelming workloads and the near-total lack of women in their major, seized Bert's diner by force late Monday afternoon with an array of makeshift medieval weaponry.
Another New Era of Protest Washes Over UB
Cries of "What's disgusting? Union Busting!" rang throughout North Campus last Wednesday as a group of approximately 150 protestors marched from Alumni Arena to the academic spine in a mass display of dissatisfaction with the activities of the New Era cap company.Striking workers from the Derby, N.Y.
UB Network Rendered Accessible for Off-Campus Users
For Kenman Choo, accessing the UB network from his off-campus apartment has always been difficult.
MLA Finds New Executive Director at UB
The Modern Language Association, the world's foremost association for the study of modern languages and literature, announced the appointment of UB professor Rosemary Feal to the position of executive director of the organization at its annual convention last December.After an extended nationwide search, the MLA's search committee chose to nominate Feal to succeed retiring MLA Executive Director Phyllis Franklin.
"In Literature as in Life, Ride to Adulthood is Funny Despite the Bumps"
The key to Mike Magnuson's Lummox: The Evolution of a Man is its desire to be greater than itself.
"Network of Former, Present UB Students Extends to NYC and Career Advice"
In the midtown Manhattan headquarters of Andersen, the global consulting company, making professional connections is a routine occurrence.
Ensemble Performance Challenges Musicians and Listeners Alike
Performing complex and eccentric compositions, the UB Contemporary Ensemble displayed its taste for the unusual and challenged the minds of the audience as surely as it tested the abilities of the musicians Monday evening in Baird Hall.
UB Adds Biophotonics to Grant Roster
A new discipline that combines the realms of biological and photonic studies, biophotonics, shows great potential for rewarding developments in medical diagnosis and treatment, visual applications, and data analysis.And sometimes, it also rewards money.UB announced Tuesday that it has received a $2.7 million dollar grant from the Natural Science Foundation to establish the nation's first comprehensive, multidisciplinary training program for biophotonic scientists.