Michael Tyson


Summer Days in the Queen City
Classes are over, the snow has melted, and the bulky coats have been put back into the closet. Several students will head back to wherever they came from, but many UB people will be stuck in the Queen City over the summer due to apartment leases, jobs or summer classes.
"Dyng-Dong, Lent is Over"
What the heck is Dyngus Day and why are people chasing each other with pussy willows; is a question that may run through the minds of many UB students come Monday. Dyngus Day is a traditionally Polish holiday that falls on the Monday after Easter Sunday.
Hyperbolic Hyperbole
I've seen evidence of this problem over a trillion times and I know that each time someone does it a billion babies die and a bunch of rednecks marry their trucks.
Purple Hijabs Instead of Black Eyes
Cookies, cupcakes and brownies are much more appealing to most people, than broken bones, bruises and death. On Tuesday, the Muslim Student Association held Purple Hijab Day to help bring awareness and an end to domestic violence.
Time off for Good Behavior
Go to college, get a job, and die is the perceived path that many students have in their heads of what they are supposed to do.
Tales from a Gap Decade
As you can read elsewhere in this paper, in an article written by a brilliant writer, there is such a thing as a gap year.
Like a Fine Wine
They are in the halls, in the classrooms, in the libraries, and maybe even on the bus. Some look like students; others resemble professors or lost parents.
This Really Burns Me Up
I realize that hatred and stupidity usually go hand-in-hand and are a permanent reality in this world.
A Few Words with the Mayor of Newark
Cory Booker ? the mayor of Newark, N.J. ? sat down for a press conference before he spoke at the Center for the Arts as a Distinguished Speaker.