The Western Sun
"'Toss me a cigarette, I think there's one in my raincoat.' 'We smoked the last one an hour ago.' So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazine."- Simon and GarfunkelI can pretend to be a writer, but the truth of the matter is I'm a rock star at heart.
"Experimental, Emotional, Intentionally Perverse: The Best of American Poetry 2001"
At times experimental, at others emotional, and still others intentionally perverse, "The Best of American Poetry 2001" anthology delves deep into the most contemporary and relevant poetry to date.
We're Told To Pick a Side
"My poor generation / we're on for the ride / an ocean of choices / pulled out on the tide. / We're handed a beach ball, / and told to pick a side.
Students React to New York City Devastation
"Different students react differently. All of them have no idea what this means. We're talking literally about kids who have had no contact with war," Rabbi Shay Mintz of the Hillel Center said Tuesday, just hours after the news of the terrorist acts reached UB.In an effort to calm and comfort students affected by the bombing of the World Trade Center, Mintz, along with all campus religious officials and counseling staff, talked to those who needed emotional support in the Student Union, and in various impromptu counseling centers around both the North and South campusesMaking sure students did not panic in the midst of the crisis was part of the effort of the counseling centers.
Still the Best Wings Ever?
Buffalo's culinary landmark, the Anchor Bar, off Main Street, seems to still be an excellent choice for a nice, after-work meal or a lively weekend gathering as the food compliments a very pleasant, classic Buffalonian setting.
"University Web Page Features Student, Faculty Digital Creations"
Even though Picasso might be turning over in his grave, the art world is undeniably and forever altered from the introduction of the computer.
Pan-Am Art Decorates CFA Gallery
One thousand pieces of memorabilia from Buffalo's 1901 Pan-American Exposition, on loan from antiques collectors from across the country, will decorate UB's University Art Gallery, located in the Center for the Arts, through the end of September.The exhibit, titled "Tangible Memories," documents the six-month long 1901 World's Fair.
Elmwood Arts Festival
Elmwood Avenue hosted its annual festival for the arts last weekend, featuring an array of western New York artisans, musicians and dancers in a creative setting for local residents and families.Booths filled with paintings, carvings, photographs, jewelry, pottery and other forms of art lined the avenue while music from local bands and singers entertained pedestrians.