Will You Remember Me?
Three and a half years ago, the first thing I wrote for The Spectrum was an op-ed called "I Love You, I Miss You... What's Your Name Again?" The column was as long winded as the title, and I cringe today when I read it.
Don't Waste Our Money
A lot of colleges spend a lot of money on a lot of unnecessary things.Beginning in January, dorming students at Penn State University will have "free" legal access to Napster v2.0.
Ruining One Life and Saving Another
While I was staying at a friend's house last weekend, one of his roommates stumbled into his room.
Assisted Suicide Is not Murder
Thursday, a feeding tube was removed from a Terri Schiavo, 39, who, according to CNN.com, has been in a "coma-like state" in Florida for 13 years.
RU486: Abortion Drug Not Aspirin
Last month, an 18-year-old girl died of complications from taking the abortion pill RU486, marking the fifth death worldwide resulting from the use of the pill.The victim, Holly Marie Patterson, received the pill from her local Planned Parenthood Clinic.
Why Go Legit?
Last week, the Recording Industry Association of America sued Brianna LaHarra, 12, for $2,000. Her crime was downloading nursery rhymes and other songs using Kazaa.
Needless Classroom Policy 101
Welcome back, everybody, to another fun-filled UB semester. By this time, you all should have received your final flurry of syllabi, outlining which hoops you have to jump through for the next four months to get your three credits and - depending on how well you complete the required tricks - a decent grade.Outlined somewhere in your syllabus is also an attendance policy for the class.
Murderers Should Be Put to Death
On Monday, Scott Peterson, 30, was arraigned on two counts of murder. He pleaded innocent to both.
Courts Have No Place in the Bedroom
A pending Supreme Court case brought about by two gay men in Texas is bringing attention to states that maintain their intrusive anti-sodomy laws and strict homophobic beliefs, and illustrates the ridiculousness of certain laws in the United States - "the land of the free." The two men were arrested in 1998 when a neighbor called the police, claiming that the gay men's apartment was being robbed.
FSA Lowers Campus Gruel Prices
Hungry - but broke - students were astounded yesterday when the Faculty Student Association unexpectedly lowered prices in all on-campus FSA-run eateries.