on-campus event
Last weekend in Baldy Hall a maiden attempted to marry into nobility. She wore a long, flowing gown and was blessed by the pope, nobles and a minister, among others.
The Domestic Blend of Terror
The mailmen didn't know the envelopes they were carrying contained white powder. After anthrax mailings infected dozens people and killed five, everyone got scared.
Sharing is Good
Record Town was bustling with customers the last couple days before Christmas. Long lines, stressed-out employees and a maelstrom of people flipping through shelves of compact discs were the perfect cover for Dan to slip a Linkin Park CD into his puffy winter jacket.
"Police Response, Punishment of Alcohol Violations Varies By Location"
The consequences to students being caught providing minors with alcohol, both on campus and off, have lead to confusion over police jurisdiction.In two separate incidents this year, comparable violations on and off campus were handled very differently by the University Police.
Tomfoolery and Turkey
We used to push the car down the driveway, so they wouldn't hear it start. Cautiously, we opened the doors, popped her into neutral and on the tips of our toes pressed that steel monster toward the street.
Terrorism from Beginning to End
In an effort to educate the UB community on the causes of the United States-Taliban conflict, the Office of International Educational Services and the Council on International Studies and Programs hosted a discussion of "Terrorist Attacks on the U.S.
SA's Blind Visions
The Student Association collects a just under $2 million per year in fees from the undergraduate student body to, in part, "promote the general welfare of the University Community," as stated in the first line of its constitutional preamble.SA makes many positive contributions to the university by funding guest speakers, over 100 student clubs, and special events.
Political Science Professor Receives Odd Mailing
Slightly bloodied photocopies of a book on the Mossad, one of Israel's intelligence organizations, were sent to the home of a UB professor earlier this month.The package did not contain any suspicious powders or threats and does not appear to be related to the recent terrorist attacks or anthrax mailings, said recipient Erick Duchesne, assistant professor of political science.Duchesne is a public figure who often participates in media interviews and discussions on international relations.
The Cornered Beast
Cowardly is a word that has been repeatedly used to describe the terrorists that presently threaten American security.Please don't misunderstand me - I do not support the actions of the terrorists - but I don't understand how anyone could perceive men born in an impoverished desert where women and children die of starvation and dehydration as cowardly.
Please Deliver My Mail
I live on a road that doesn't exist. Oak Court, the street sign reads. But there's no street, no pavement, just grass and a bench.Confused?