Soulful Jams Enliven CFA Stage
Three-man band Soulive rocked the Center for the Arts Monday night, bringing their jazz-funk music and two broken drums to life.Organist Alan Evans and drummer Neil Evans, both Buffalo natives, and lead guitarist Eric Krasno played a very laid back set for both old and new fans.
Hoping for Victory in First Home Run
An 18th-place finish by co-captain Todd Ludden highlighted the men's cross country team's performance at the Lehigh University Paul Short Run last weekend.Luden's time of 25:15.29 was only a minute off the lead and five seconds better than last week.
Bulls 15 Minutes Short
I usually write stories about hockey, so I'm used to games lasting three periods. Still, it's disappointing when the football team goes by those guidelines as well.Buffalo played a great football game Saturday - for the first, second and fourth quarters.The Bulls played the heavily-favored RedHawks to a standstill in the first half, with the exception of two big plays; one on offense and one on defense.