Call it a 'Daly'
Robert Daly has worked at an amusement park, a chemical factory, farms, loading docks and a limestone mine. For Daly, none of these jobs compare to the feeling of teaching. But after 44 years at UB, Daly is retiring.
Halloween cocktails: shaken with fright, not stirred
For those over 21, there can be nothing scarier than ordering a drink. You approach the bar and hope the bartender doesn’t roll their eyes at your fruity concoction or even worse, tell you they “can’t make that.”
The truth behind acai bowls, Instagram’s favorite smoothie trend
Acai bowls are thicker than traditional smoothies and come adorned with an assortment of colorful toppings, like coconut flakes and goji berries.
University Heights welcomes new coffee shop, Grateful Grind Coffee
Beetroot lattes. Nitro-infused coffee. Tacos. After working for 20 years as a coach and mentor, Angela Kunz is looking to shake things up with her new coffee shop, Grateful Grind Coffee. Kunz constantly told people to live their lives to the fullest when she worked for the non-profit organization, People Inc. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was doing the same for herself. Kunz took her own advice and fulfilled a dream she’d long wondered if she would ever get around to.