Nektar Serves Drinks Worthy Of The Gods
Nine weeks ago, heaven descended upon Elmwood Avenue.It was then that Nektar, Stavros Malliaris' new martini bar and restaurant, opened its doors to reveal Malliaris' dream of a floaty, white world of people drinking divine martinis.The restaurant's soft, frosted glass windows cloud out the sad Buffalo weather, and the woodwork in the building are a light blonde color.
Dismal State
In the summer of 2000, my now ex-boyfriend and I took a month-long road trip to visit our friends in the Deep South.
Bubble Tea Caf?PI Brews Buoyant Tea and UB Ties
Last February, sitting in a caf?
"The Weir"" Falls Short of Audience Expectations"
Conor McPherson's flawless acting does little to mask lack of plot or substance, but "The Weir" provides a few scares.
"Talking With"" the Women of Pandora's Box"
"Talking With," a set of 11 monologues by Jane Martin divided into two acts, is a blend of unusual performances presented by the women of Pandora's Box Theatre Company.The show features 11 women, each alone on stage at different intervals, talking with and including the audience in a particularly poignant time in their lives.
The Little White House Serves Up Patriotism
Like the version in our nation's capital, The Little White House, located at 5877 Main St. in Williamsville, is a sizeable but not extravagant building; with its large windows and plain white siding, the building looks like the ordinary home of a prominent family.When I went to dine at The Little White House, I had not yet made the connection with the national power center on Pennsylvania Avenue, so the excess of patriotic memorabilia struck me when I first entered the building.
"University Convocation Honors Excellence, Those Who've Passed Away"
Students, faculty and staff gathered in the Center for the Arts for the seventh annual University Convocation Thursday afternoon to honor UB's strongest leaders and brightest talents.The convocation began with a somber procession by the Thundering Herd, UB's marching band, as the flags of the United States and the university's 15 schools and colleges were carried aloft.
Blu Offers Something New to Buffalo
As I cross close-to-deserted Main Street on a chilly Monday night at 11 o'clock, I keep my eye on the circular decal imprinted with the word Blu on the door of my destination.
"New Bar, Iberia, Has Style"
There's a new kid in town, and his name is Iberia. Located directly across from the ever-popular The Steer near UB's Main Street campus, Iberia bravely offers an alternative to the collection of trite watering holes Main Street calls its bar district.Driving down Main Street on a lively Friday night anxiously searching for the "new orange club," I thought it would be impossible to spot the place, even if it is orange.