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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Engineers Week Electrifies Students

Spacecraft building, fighting robots, and launching space shuttles might at first glance sound like an old episode of Star Trek, but last week it was all about the engineer at the University at Buffalo. Engineers Week (E-week) is an annual event coordinated throughout the major engineering clubs at UB.


UB Students for Life is Resurrected

While coat-hangers and holocausts were brought up, the general feel of the meeting was quiet tame. On Tuesday night, there was a formation meeting to bring about the Students for Life (SFL) club at UB.


UB Competes in Recycle Mania Competition

In six hours, UB goes through 9,600 pounds of trash, and almost 90 percent of it is recyclable. Raising awareness to this fact is the premise of Recycle Mania, a 10-week nationwide competition between colleges to see who can really turn it around and recycle. The nationally sponsored competition, organized here by UB Green and the Student Association Environmental Affairs Department, is an opportunity for students to get involved with recycling in a fun way. Recycle Mania is a friendly competition meant to foster eco-friendliness and recycling awareness in its participating schools.


Welcome to the HUB

The future of online student transactions has arrived, and its name is HUB. Students that were here last semester may remember the contest to name the new tab for MyUB.


Something's Fishy Around Here

Raw fish, seaweed and rice may not describe the average college student's diet, but for those who can not get enough of sushi ? a staple in Japanese cuisine ? Soma Sushi, next to Jamba Juice in the Student Union, will satisfy their cravings. Although Soma Sushi has had a presence in the Union since the beginning of the year, many are still unaware that the Japanese eatery exists, and others walk right past it.


"Former Gang Member and ""Real-Life Hitch"" Come to UB"

A former gang member seems completely incongruent with someone named the National Educator of the Year? twice. Stacey Watson, one of the two speakers at the Pillars Conference held this past Saturday in the Student Union Theater by UB LAUNCH, told the audience of how she broke that boundary with her "good girl gone bad gone good again" story. Often considered an educator of those that society has deemed unreachable, Watson had led New York State in GED accreditations in the out-of-school youth population since 2002 at the South Buffalo Education Center, where she is executive director. During her high school career in Buffalo, Watson fell into the "wrong crowd" and became a member of a gang, where she frequently acted as a decoy.


Engineers Week

It's that time of the year again ? National Engineers Week is upon us. Engineering majors and members of the 15 various engineering clubs at the University at Buffalo have a chance to exhibit their creativity and skill publicly this week, culminating in the Academic-Engineering Ball on Saturday evening. Engineers Week is "a national event scheduled each year, which serves to celebrate and call attention to the contributions that engineers make," said Dan Pastuf, the engineering coordinator who manages the engineering clubs at UB. Each club will be competing to be named the winner of Engineers Week.


"Schussmeisters Stumbles, Still Stands"

Excessive amounts of snow falling in the region is not bad news for everyone. For the skiers and snowboarders, this has been one of the best winters in recent memory, but even a lot of good can generate some bad. Each inch that fell also piled up more excitement for members of UB's resident ski club, Schussmeisters.


"Yes, It's My Real Name"

"Is that your real name?" "Were you named after the real one?" "Please don't bite my ears off!" and "I bet you get a lot of comments on your name" top the list of reactions I get when people learn my name. The question as to whether it is indeed my real name tops the list.

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Pillars Conference Brings Two Empowering Speakers to UB

The "real-life Hitch" and 12-time National Collegiate Speaker of the Year, David Coleman, and 2006 Educator of the Year, Stacey Watson, will both be featured at this year's Pillars Conference hosted by the University at Buffalo's chapter of the Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society. Mortar Board, Inc. is a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for their achievements in scholarship, leadership and service and provides opportunities for continued leadership development.

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