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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Review: Buffalo’s SPACED shines on debut album ‘This Is All We Ever Get’

The hardcore quintet takes flight with their signature sound

<p>SPACED released its debut album "This Is All We Ever Get."</p>

SPACED released its debut album "This Is All We Ever Get."

The self-described “far-out” hardcore band SPACED  has proved once again that Buffalo is a prime breeding ground for innovative musicians and artists in the scene and beyond. 

In the few years since their formation, the group has risen to prominence in Buffalo’s hardcore scene and started tours overseas, earning acclaim from fans wherever they go. 

Blending old-school punk styles and influences with shoegaze and psychedelic-inspired guitar work makes SPACED a unique sonic superpower in the sometimes overly purist world of hardcore. This unexpected fusion gives the band a distinct flavor that makes them hard to categorize — luckily, they’ve already done that for us.

SPACED originally introduced themselves to the world back in 2021 with a four-song demo and then with an album titled “Spaced Jams” the following year. Now, under the esteemed indie-punk label Revelation Records, they’ve unleashed their first LP, “This Is All We Ever Got.”

Although the album is relatively short — clocking in at just over 15 minutes and featuring only eight songs — that’s more than enough time for them to pack a punch and leave you fiending for more.

The project’s opener and lead single “Landslide” sets the tone from the get-go. Vocalist Lexi Reyngoudt leads the charge with her aggressive and assertive vocal delivery, belting out the lyrics while being accompanied by chanting group vocals for the chorus. That, and with the help of its powerful rhythm, will surely have the song’s title echoing in your head by the end of it.

Moving down the tracklist, the band demonstrates their versatility with “AIATB” where they delve into a new sonic territory. While the track acts as an interlude and may seem like an outlier compared to the rest of the album, it’s an enjoyable minute of soft instrumentals with a melancholic melody. It provides the listener with some ambient and dreamlike solitude before the album kicks back into gear.

Following the instrumental detour, “Rat Race” and “The Difference” emerge as some of the standout tracks from the second half of the album. 

The former track, also the second single from the project, blasts with an unrelenting pulse and a distorted psychedelic guitar riff. The track builds up as it continues, culminating in a slow, intense breakdown and chanting vocals of “Us! Against You!” 

The latter track follows a similar formula, opening with a droning guitar tone and a pulsing bass riff before the band kicks in. The sliding power chord riffage drives the track's aggressiveness along with the dynamic shifts in tempo and tight rhythm, keeping the listener engaged from start to finish.

This is one of those albums that demonstrates the emergence of something spectacular. It’s a project that both old-school and new generation fans of hardcore can listen to and have a damn good time. “This is All We Ever Got” has no skips, and has the potential to define this new era of Buffalo hardcore. Their combination of influences and styles should not be ignored. It offers a sense of familiarity to hardcore fans while remaining completely unique to the band. It’s SPACED at their very best..

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