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Monday, June 24, 2024
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So, I guess this is goodbye ...

Not gonna lie, I don’t know how to do this

I rarely thought about writing this.

The only thing I’ve written, with Cassi, for The Spectrum before this was a column about pole dancing. 

At the end of every academic year I would read all of the “goodbye columns” the seniors would write before they go to print. I’d tear up because they were always so moving. Everyone would talk about how they found their home away from home in our windowless office, how they shared laughs or napped on one of the couches. 

But I didn’t think I would ever write one.

I didn’t think my relationships in the office would go much beyond Lauryn and Cassi, friends I’ve had since middle school.

I thought we would always remain the “copy crew.”

The group that everyone thought was just one conglomerate person with the same personalities.

But for the first time in years, things began to shift.

At some point, the late-night group changed in the spring semester of 2019. It was no longer Brent, Cassi, Lauryn and myself. Suddenly there were these people who would stay late and laugh, go off on rants, jam out. 

People who knew our names. 

I know that seems so small, but really made a world of difference, and I found myself not wanting to leave. 

These people welcomed us, made us feel included. 

They reached out to us to see how we were doing on individual levels –– y’all know who you are.

So I stayed. Cassi stayed. Lauryn stayed.

We had new members of our copy crew around this time too, and they transitioned onto different desks and are doing so well.

Now the 2019-20 academic year seemingly came and went in the blink of an eye. 

And I’m stuck.

Before I actively wanted to leave on every production day.

But now, I can’t stay. 

I have to look to my future and take steps in that direction. 

I still have one more year at UB, but it needs to be filled with academic work and, hopefully, hospital work as well.

So since I cannot stay this upcoming year, I’ll say goodbye.

Alexandra, thank you for the laughs and always telling us like it is. The voice of reason was always needed and definitely appreciated. You’re going to make an amazing Editor-in-Chief. I cannot wait to see where this paper goes under your reign. You got this!!

Justin, I’m sorry I never wrote those sports pieces for you. You are one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have ever met. You make everyone around you want to become a better person and it’s neat to see. Stay golden.

Cassi and Lauryn, I’m not saying goodbye to you two, obviously. I just want to put in “print” that I love you both. 

Reilly, thank you for the fun stories. It has been amazing to see you grow in such a short period of time. Follow your journalistic “voice,” I think it’s one people benefit from hearing. 

Nicole, you’re one of the people I wish I spent more time getting to know. I cannot wait to see all that you accomplish. You’re so admirable. I genuinely feel that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, and that in itself is amazing.

Sam, I cannot thank you enough for being such a welcoming person. You were one of the first people to make me feel included and I genuinely appreciate it so very much. I am deeply grateful for you being a listening ear, making my birthday wonderful and your hairstylist expertise.

Brent, thank you for just “giving a damn.” You’re one of the reasons I stayed this year and I’m glad I did. You’ve made my time at The Spectrum actually mean something to me. I’m very thankful for the fact that you care about our well-being. You’ve been a great EIC and I appreciate you.

Lastly Jacklyn, thank you for showing me the woman I aspire to be. You’re so unbelievably strong and caring all at the same time. There isn’t enough I could say to share my appreciation, but you’re an incredible human being. Thank you for teaching me so much more than anything I could learn in the AP Style Guide.

Thank you to everyone on staff. I love you all dearly and hope to cross paths again in the near future.

Savanna Caldwell is a web chief and can be reached at



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