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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Great games you can pass the time with during quarantine

Who says adventures have to be outdoors?

Reading this, you’ve likely endured life in quarantine for over a month now, desperately looking for ways to pass the time. 

Well, millions of people are turning to video games, but not all are sure of what their next play should be.

So before you log your 600th game of “Call of Duty: Warzone,” check out this list of games that will surely keep you engaged throughout the rest of your quarantine.

An epic quest

“God of War (2018)”

Platform: PS4

Don’t be intimidated that this is the eighth game in the critically acclaimed “God of War” series. Director Cory Barlog kept both newcomers and series veterans in mind when crafting this modern-day masterpiece to satisfy all fans.

Taking place after 2010’s “God of War III,” this soft reboot brings series protagonist Kratos into the world of Norse mythology (yes, the one with Thor). But the true series reinvention comes in gameplay, ditching the series traditional linearity for a beautiful open world with hours of side content to keep you occupied in between the game’s epic main quest.

These side missions aren’t meaningless, though. Every piece of gameplay and lore ties back to Kratos’s deeply personal quest to fulfill his late wife's final wishes, with the stakes higher than ever with the inclusion of Kratos’s son Atreus. 

Veterans should not be scared away by the game's new structure and over-the-shoulder camera (a first for the series), as the minds behind it made sure to include enough combos, epic boss battles, and even a few surprises while fluidly continuing Kratos’s nearly ten-game story.

A world to get lost in

“Red Dead Redemption 2”

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

You’re probably sick of hearing about “Red Dead Redemption 2” by now. Then again, those who talk about it are probably sick of you saying you’ve never played it.

Instead of hunting down your former gang as you do in the original, this prequel puts you in the shoes of Arthur Morgan, finally revealing to longtime fans how gang leader Dutch became the hopeless madman we see in the original game.

But anyone who's played “RDR2” knows the highlight is not in the story, but in the map. From swamps to snowy mountains, from gambling to hunting, you can do just about anything, anywhere in this sprawling masterpiece, which can take up to 100 hours to do everything.

Rockstar Games clearly designed “RDR2” to be accessible for newcomers, but if you enjoy this one, the first one is also worth playing.

A series-spanning saga

“Uncharted” Franchise (1-4)

Platforms: PS4

Imagine a modern “Indiana Jones” with the action dialed up by a thousand.

Taking place over four games (with the first three available as a trilogy bundle), “Uncharted” follows the story of the charismatic Nathan Drake whose globetrotting adventures put him in just as much trouble as you’d expect: a lot.

With more setpieces than a “Call of Duty” campaign and more compelling and emotional voice acting than most films, this story has more heart than most in the medium and you’ll thank yourself that you took the ride as you get to know its lovable cast of characters.

But don't worry that the quality will fizzle out by the end. The finale will leave your jaw on the floor and tears in your eyes when you reach its emotional and action-packed conclusion.

A challenge


Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Admittedly, “Celeste” isn’t much to look at with its retro-style graphics. 

But, you’ll find that the game’s challenge more than makes up for these lackluster visuals. Counting each death you succumb to, the game’s simple platforming will put your skills to the test, introducing new challenges for you to adapt to in each level.

“Celeste” follows the story of a girl named Madeline on her journey to climb the dangerous Celeste Mountain.

Containing an internal struggle more relatable than anything else on this list and a difficulty level as satisfying as it is frustrating, this heartfelt, emotional tale may be just what many people need during this confusing time.

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