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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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‘The Naked Magicians’ can charm audiences with or without clothes

Duo of Australian magicians performed more than just card tricks at Shea’s

<p>Two Australian magicians, Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne, star in the world-renowned magic show, ‘The Naked Magicians.’</p>

Two Australian magicians, Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne, star in the world-renowned magic show, ‘The Naked Magicians.’

In most magic shows, magicians will make something seemingly disappear. 

While that “something” usually doesn’t include their own clothing, two Australian magicians have created a world-renowned show that features magic without pants.

Since 2014, best “mates” Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne have been performing the “naughty” magic show known as “The Naked Magicians.” The atypical show has traveled to more than 250 cities around the world, appeared on various TV shows and has frequent residencies in Las Vegas. 

On Saturday, the duo performed twice at Shea’s 710 and gave audience members a “first time” they will never forget.

From young adults to seniors, audience members agreed they were most interested to see how “naked” the show would be. But when the show finally started, Tyler and Wayne emerged fully clothed. The two magicians went on to explain that instead of beginning the show naked, they would make the audience “work for it” and that they should “treat it like a first date.”

As the show progressed, Tyler and Wayne slowly lost all their clothes. First the suit jackets came off, then the shirts, pants and finally the underwear. The only things that kept their penises hidden were the magicians’ hats placed on top of them. 

People who stepped into the theater were greeted by colorful lights illuminating the miscellaneous items scattered across the stage, including a small box hanging by a cord in the air and a blowup doll. 

Although the magicians remained fully clothed during the first several tricks, they still went along with the “naughty” theme of the show. The first trick of the night involved audience members tossing around a large penis-shaped balloon. The people who received the balloon helped create a porno title that later appeared on a sheet of paper locked in the hanging box on stage (which had not been touched since before the show started).

During the second trick, Jessica Trzyzewski was the first of many audience members to be called on stage to assist the magicians. Trzyzewski picked a random card from a list of “Free Pass” celebrities –– celebrities who couples agree the other is allowed to have sex with. While Tyler cut out a piece of paper into the same face as the random celebrity she picked, Trzyzewski had to keep her hand grasped around his butt. 

After the show, Trzyzewski was still surprised she was chosen.

“It was like an adrenaline rush because I kept saying the whole time like ‘I hope [audience members] never have to go out on stage, and if [they] do, someone else [does],’” Trzyzewski said, “[Instead], I was the first person.” 

One audience member, Christine Heim, came to see ‘The Naked Magicians’ with her friends to try something new and see two famous TV personalities in real life and for a good laugh.

“I’m expecting to laugh so hard that I pee my pants,” Heim said. “If that doesn’t happen, it’s okay, but I’m hoping it’s gonna be so funny that I’m gonna be like wanting to go to the bathroom because I am laughing so hard.”  

After an hour and a half of dirty jokes and luring magic, Tyler and Wayne ended the show with one final “climax” and said goodbye to Buffalo.

Even though “The Naked Magicians” were only in Buffalo for one day, they left a lasting impression on the audience.

“It was a really awesome show,” Trzyzewski said. “I thought it was hysterical and I’m glad I came.”

There was no way for audience members to prepare for the “rodeo” of the magic show, but Tyler recommended to “strap in” and “leave your morals at the door.”

“It’s like an orgy of magic, comedy and nudity,” Tyler said.

Anastasia Wilds is an assistant arts editor and can be reached at and on Twitter @AnastasiaWilds 


Anastasia Wilds is the senior arts editor. She has been writing for newspapers since her junior year of high school, and she has appreciated all forms of art for even longer. When she’s not writing, she is either reading, listening to music, hanging out with her friends on discord or streaming on Twitch.



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