Broke b---h gift guide

Creative holiday gifts that don’t break the bank


Students often struggle to find cute and creative gifts that won’t break the bank. But don’t fret, we compiled a holiday gift guide with cost-efficient, thoughtful and non-denominational gifts that show loved ones how much they are appreciated and won’t ‘sleigh’ your bank account.

Personalized Necklace

Courtesy of Flickr user abcrumley

You can DIY this gift for as little as $10. You will need a finished necklace chain, a pendant or charm, a clasp and a set of pliers, which you can find at your local Michaels.

Open the clasp with the pliers and put the charm through the ring. Place the jump ring in the center of the chain and close it. That’s it, pretty easy.

Cookie mix jar 

This gift is perfect for the foodie in your life. 

It’s simple and your friends will never know the cookie mix you just gave them is from store-bought bags. All you need is a pen and paper, mason jar, a measuring cup, a bag of the cookie mix and a few candy mix-ins.

A packet of snickerdoodle cookie mix with white chocolate chips and pecans mix-ins. Or a packet of peanut butter cookie mix paired with Reese’s pieces, peanuts and chocolate chips.

To assemble the jar, pour the cookie mix into the jar and pack it tightly to make an even base. Then add your mix-ins on top. Be sure to write down the baking instructions on the paper label, including a list of any additional ingredients the recipient will need.

Movie box

There’s nothing better than the gift of an experience. Get your special someone a movie gift basket for the holidays.

All you’ll need is a couple movie tickets or gift cards –– or even a few DVDs –– some microwave popcorn packets, candy and a novelty popcorn bucket, which is available on Amazon for $6.

A self-care basket 

This gift is easy to assemble and relatively inexpensive.

A standard basket should include, but is not limited to: a face mask, mini manicure kit, scented candle, bath bomb and a crystal to cleanse their energy and spirits. 

This is a better gift to buy in bulk. You can purchase face masks in packs, making it less expensive and giving you gifts for all of your friends. Hydrating face masks are suitable for everyone in the cold, dry winter months. You can give these to other friends, too, or even use them as a treat to yourself. 

Bacon Salt

To make this gift, you’ll need bacon, a chunky salt and a lot of patience.

Cook the bacon in a cold skillet over low heat while removing all of the fat and do not burn it. When it’s fully cooked, place it on a cookie sheet and preheat the oven to 200°F. Continue to pour the fat off the bacon. This can take about four to six hours. Remember, patience is key.

When the bacon is done, crumble it and place it on a paper towel to remove the last of the fat. Once the bacon is finally dry, measure it and combine it with equal parts of salt. If you’re feeling a little creative, add some brown sugar and black pepper to the mix.

The bacon-lover in your life is going to be so grateful for the spice they never knew they needed.

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