The Buffalo Chips put on Fall Classic as group nears 25th anniversary

UB’s all-male a cappella group captivates with renditions at Slee Hall


Concert-goers are known to put up phone-lights to show their love for performers.

But on Saturday, UB a cappella fans instead showed their affection in a more comical fashion: Waving giant signs with the performers’ faces on them.

Slee Hall hosted the Buffalo Chips, UB’s all-male a cappella group, for its Fall Classic performance. The Chips, which originated in 1995, are nearing their 25th anniversary next year. Roughly 250 UB community members packed in the venue to hear student-arranged songs and see a special performance from Geneseo’s a cappella group, Exit 8. The Chips’ dancing, coordinated outfits and sass kept audience members entertained for the cover-filled performance. 

One of the most entertaining numbers of the night was a jazzed-up version of Lizzo’s “Juice,” arranged by John Bologna and Adam Rakiecki. Clayton Markham, a sophomore environmental engineering major, was the acting soloist for the song and, at one point, nearly belted as boldly as Lizzo herself. 

A big part of the group’s dynamic at the show was the “initiation” of new members. Freshmen Nick Jones, Kevin Conrales and Ben Samalin arranged and performed Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” in just twenty minutes. 

The newbies pulled off a crafty version of the killer song. All the notes weren’t quite there, given the timeframe, but what they lacked in pitch was made up for in finesse. 

After the group’s final number –– “3 Nights” By Dominic Fike –– arranged by John Perdue feat. Patrick Nembhard –– the audience had a hard time saying goodbye and the Chips came out for an encore.

Senior Hunter Ford and sophomore Ryan Storto ended the night with sick beats and humorous dancing during the group’s rendition of “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, leaving fans singing “ooo la la la” in well-earned admiration. 

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