SA Fall Fest Concert Series pushes on with intimate second show

Matt and Kim, American Authors perform at CFA


Matt and Kim brought sex dolls, balloons and unfiltered language to their high-energy performance Saturday night. The indie-electronic duo performed alongside American Authors for the second show of the Student Association’s Fall Fest Concert Series. 

Roughly 400 students flocked to the Center for the Arts Mainstage, which provided an intimate yet rousing evening. Talent costs for the show were $88,000 as well as $51,500 for production, according to SA Entertainment Director Marc Rosenblitt. SA spent $27,500 less on the show compared to the first Fall Fest concert, with roughly 200 less students in attendance.

The venue filled up slowly prior to the first set, with the vast majority of the crowd gathering around the middle section seats. 

First to the stage, Matt and Kim showed little reservation toward the venue or attendance levels. The artists gave an energetic and lively performance, mixing in rap, electronic and EDM samples alongside tracks like “Hey Now.” 

But Kim could hardly stay in place.

“I’ve already been brainstorming ideas where we can incorporate the [CFA] chairs,” said Kim Schifino, the drummer of the duo. 

The crowd found a common voice throughout Matt and Kim’s performance, as multiple objects like beach balls and blow-up sex dolls surfed throughout the audience.

The production’s set up included color blocking in the lighting, which added emotion and energy to the performance. The set also featured various projections behind the performers.

Kim provided students with several anecdotes throughout the set, reflecting on her experiences in college as well as various stories.

“I’m gonna let you know the s––t I f––––d up, so you don’t f––k up,” Schifino said. She later went on to recommend scheduling choices and opting to avoid classes on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

The duo often jumped on their equipment, danced to samples of other songs and screamed along with the audience. 

“I’m a huge fan of Matt and Kim, but this is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen,” said Ihab Rizek, a junior civil engineering major. “I love their energy and the way they interact with the audience.”

Closing artist American Authors brought a calmness to the evening. The set featured a mix of new cuts like “Deep Water” and unreleased track “Neighborhood” with well-known tracks like “Right Here Right Now.” 

American Authors opened strong with “Go Big or Go Home,” following up with “Luck” and “Believer” which saw front-man Zac Barnett don a Fender Telecaster.

But Barnett found ample time to address the crowd.
 “We dropped out [of college] to move to New York City and really take a shot on this band,” Barnett said. 

From start to finish, Barnett overtook the CFA with powerful yet melodic vocals that provided depth and power to each track.

Emma Jones, a junior psychology and public health major, attended the performance to see American Authors.

“The show was really good. I had never even heard of Matt and Kim before tonight,” Jones said. “I thought the two groups went well together. They had similar sounds.”

Closing with the smash “Best Day of My Life,” Barnett quickly called for all in attendance to jump and sing back the words. Barnett and company left the stage after a vivid performance of the signature track to end the evening.

Many of the audience members left the venue feeling fulfilled with the performance. 

Charles Sander, a sophomore psychology major, said he thoroughly enjoyed the entire show. 

“I’m really excited for the third concert, but I really enjoyed this show,” Sander said. “I had never heard of Matt and Kim, but my mind was blown. I came to see American Authors and spent their set waiting for their closing song.”

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Brian Evans is a senior English major and The Spectrum's senior arts editor.


 Samantha Vargas is an English/ film studies double major with a minor in media study. She spends her free time finding shows around buffalo and hanging out with her cat.