Welcome back, Aaron.

Aaron Carter talks Niagara Falls show and first record in 15 years


Selling 10 million albums worldwide is an accomplishment not many can celebrate.

But at 15 years old, pop star Aaron Carter did just that. He had magazine spreads, concert films, his own doll and of course an unforgettable “Lizzie McGuire” appearance.

Carter, now 30, is making his way back into the music industry after a 15-year studio album hiatus. With the release of his upcoming record “Love,” Carter hopes to incorporate his new look and EDM sound into his comeback album.

The Spectrum spoke with the singer about his new musical direction, growing up a pop star and his upcoming March 8 concert at Evening Star Theatre in Niagara Falls.

Q: Congratulations on the success of your new music. How do you feel knowing “Sooner or Later” has reached almost 75 million streams on Spotify?

A: Thanks so much. The streaming success of “Sooner or Later” makes me extremely proud. My fans didn’t quite know what to expect from new music last year and I’m so happy they loved it. Also, shout out to the new fans who discovered the song without ever hearing my music before.

Q: You’ve mentioned being more involved in the creative direction of your music this time around –– especially in terms of production. Is it more satisfying to share your music knowing you’ve worked on all aspects of it?

A: It was really important to me that I only talk about true experiences on this album, so I got a great team together to help bring all of these ideas to life. I’m really passionate about the record making process. I love it.

Q: You announced through Twitter that you officially wrapped up your new album. Since it’s been over 15 years since your last, how do you feel putting this record out?

A: It’s about time. I’m really exciting releasing my first album in 15 years –– the fans have been asking me for too long.

Q: How has the support been from fans after waiting this long for a record? Has your fan base grown since the release of your “Love” EP?

A: There’s the super fans who’ve had my back through everything and who are always there ... but I’ve definitely noticed my fan base grow and it amazes me how many new fans discover my new music. It’s been awesome getting to know them, too.

Q: For a college-aged audience, myself and many others remember your promotion and TV appearances from the early ’00s. Do you look back on this stuff as childhood memories or more so as work?

A: I look at my old TV and promo appearances in the past as a mix between childhood memories and work. Work was my childhood. I didn’t really know the difference at the time.

Q: Even though you’ve gone 15 years without a new studio album, you’ve said before you “live, eat and breathe music.” Would you call your most recent success a comeback, or does it feel like you’ve never really been gone?

A: You can call it whatever you like, I’m just really excited to be releasing a new album this year. It’s very exciting for me.

Q: You’ll be performing in Niagara Falls on March 8 for your Love Tour. Are you looking forward to hitting the road again?

A: Absolutely, the road is home away from home and meeting and performing for my fans never gets old!

Q: For your live shows, how do you balance incorporating both the new tracks and your older stuff? What should fans expect from the show?

A: This upcoming tour is really focused on my new music, but I do always play some old school songs that the fans want to hear. Everyone will have to come to see which songs those are.

Brenton Blanchet is the senior arts editor and can be reached at brenton.blanchet@ubspectrum.com