Spring Break playlist

Songs to get you going through spring break


It can be hard to unwind after midterms when you haven’t seen the light of day because you’ve been holed up in the library. Don’t worry – The Spectrum has a list of bangers you can turn up to.

Whether you’re going to find yourself on a sunny beach or in a concrete jungle this spring break, these songs will help you get hyped for spring break.

Beastie Boys, “Sabotage”

Easily their most well-known song, this is the perfect song to play when leaving campus and when you’re getting to your destination. The high-energy track with the Beastie Boys’ intense, echoing delivery, you’ll be ready for anything and everything for spring break.

Fight for your right.

Run the Jewels, “Sea Legs”

For those that plan on getting wet during spring break, be sure to get your sea legs with Killer Mike and El-P.

Off of their hit debut album, they’ve made a space for themselves in high-octane songs that take you from 0-100 real quick.

Real, real quick.

Whether you can swim or not, you can’t help but get wild with Run the Jewels, the modern day N.W.A.

Rome Fortune, “Blicka Blicka”

For those that don’t know Rome Fortune, he’s a relatively new up-and-comer out of Atlanta. For those of you that don’t know Atlanta, it’s currently one of the biggest hip-hop hotspots of the modern world.

His song “Blicka Blicka” is perfect to bump when you’ve woken up from a wild night. A quick drumbeat laid over xylophone instrumentals and a catchy chorus will have you saying “blicka blicka, bow bow” well after spring break has ended.

Stormzy, “Standard”

Hopefully you’re somewhere with better than the UK’s Stormzy is from. Despite being known for dreary weather, the UK has been producing some great emcees.

“Standard” will get you ready for the night no matter where you’re going.

What starts as an intense head bob can quickly turn into a mosh pit situation with everyone yelling “Standard” on beat.

Squad up.

Griselda Ghost, “Brains on the Basquiat”

From the pre-game to the journey, this is the song that will get your crew to the party and through the door like you own the place.

Fun and gritty, the air of braggadocio becomes overwhelming about halfway during the song. The only outlet, of course, is to get really rowdy. When you find yourself at the door of the place, this song will have you ready for the grand entrance.

Kanye West, “Eyes Closed”

Whether you’re heading home for the night or coming back to campus at the end of break, it’s the perfect cool down song.

Where West reflects on his luxurious life and experiences, you can reflect on the festivities of the night and hopefully what it still has in store for you.

Kenneth Kashif Thomas is an arts desk editor and can be reached at arts@ubspectrum.com. Follow him on Twitter at @KenUBSpec.