Best places to nap on campus

Losing sleep from all-night study sessions? Catch up at these places


College students are notorious for pulling all-nighters during finals week. The extra hours spent awake are seen as a productive time to study for finals. However, if you find it hard to keep your head up during a lecture and need somewhere to quickly rest your eyes, these are some of the best places to take a nap at UB.

Oscar A. Silverman Library basement

The couches in the basement of the Oscar A. Silverman Library located in Capen Hall offer students a quiet and secluded place to rest their eyes for an hour or two. The couch area, which is located below the stairs, gives students their own nook to lie back on one of the wide couches. If you find yourself falling asleep on top of your textbook at one of the group study tables, you can easily pick up your belongings and head over to the couches for a more comfortable area.

Student Union Theater reception lounge

The Student Union Theater reception lounge is tucked away in the corner of the second floor in the Student Union.

It gives students a quiet area to get a moment of solitude during a hectic finals week. Couches line the perimeter of the room and each come with a footrest, so even if a student comes looking to lie down, he or she can prop their feet up and lie back to catch up on some ZZZs. Despite the loud volume of the Union, the Theater reception lounge tends to be a place where students can sit down and enjoy some quiet time away from studying, even if it’s just for a power nap.

Fourth floor of Lockwood Library

Although it may annoy some students who are looking for a place to study, a sleep-deprived student can head to the fourth floor of Lockwood Library for a silent place to sleep.

The individual study carrels are a great place to put your head down without worrying about being disturbed. Lockwood Library is open 24 hours as well, so if you find yourself pulling an all-nighter, you can sleep for a couple hours without having to worry about getting kicked out.

Second floor of Bonner Hall

Bonner Hall, located behind Capen Hall, is a quiet building with a small amount of foot traffic. Students can find a small seating area, hidden away in the corner of the second floor of Bonner Hall. The corner contains two couches and is the perfect spot for someone to head over during finals week and take a nap in between study sessions. The table placed in between the couches is a perfect spot to put your feet up and kick back while you rest.

Student Union flag room

The large space in the second floor of the Student Union allows students several options of where they want to sleep in between class.

Couches line the walls for students who want to sprawl out, or for students who prefer to get comfortable sitting up, there are several large chairs as well. The dimmed room is somewhat set back away from the hall, giving students the option to be in the center of the union while still having a little sanctuary for them to sleep during their study breaks.

Health Sciences Library second floor mezzanine

On the second floor mezzanine in the Health Sciences Library on South Campus, there are 14 individual study carrels that are great for a student who needs some sleep.

The study carrels have doors, which allow for complete privacy and solitude for a student who finds they are having trouble keeping their eyes open during a study session. Unlike most closed-in study places on campus, these carrels do not need to be reserved beforehand.

Health Sciences Room B2L

Like many of the group study areas on campus, Health Sciences Room B2L in the basement of Health Sciences Library on South Campus is an area where groups can reserve a spot in order to study. This also means if you and your group find you have time left during your two-hour maximum reservation, you already have a room to rest your head for the remainder of reservation.

The closed-in space gives students a quiet space to get a nap in after doing group work and before opening another textbook.

Marlee Tusks is a news desk editor and can be reached at Follow her on Twitter at @marleetuskes5.