Spring break spotify playlist

Songs to vibe to on your week off

The Spectrum

We wait seven long weeks for this one week in the middle of March: spring break. It’s a time without classes, exams or responsibility and students can choose a variety of ways to spend their nine days off from school. No matter how you spend the break, be it a vacation booked months in advance or some much-needed catch-up on sleep, here’s some tunes to keep you occupied.

“All Night” Icona Pop

The Swedish duo rose to the top with their hit “I Don’t Care (I Love It).” Icona Pop recently released a new and exciting track. It’s the usual recipe for a pop song – catchy and repetitive lyrics, upbeat tempo and synths in the background. “All Night” captures the essence of going out for the night and having fun.

“Slow Down” Selena Gomez

The Disney star has been busy the last few years, releasing both For You and Stars Dance. Her song “Slow Down” is featured on both albums and is a dance club-style tune. It’s about having fun, going out, partying and feeling the beat of whatever songs the club is playing. It’s one of many pop songs from the singer, but this one in particular paints a picture of the club scene in a way that’s unlike the usual fast-paced idea.

“Team” Lorde

Even though this song was released in 2013, it holds its own against all the new music that’s come out. Lorde’s quiet opening is the first step to a beat that will infect your inner groove. Her music is more subdued than the usual upbeat pop, but her lyrics are powerful and comment on the common ideas of young people – “I’m kind of over being told to put my hands up in the air / So there.”

“#Selfie” The Chainsmokers

Pictures, or it didn’t happen. This viral sensation of “selfies” and the “selfie nation” is explained in this song perfectly, even though the song’s intentions are satirical. Whether you like taking excessive pictures of yourself at the club or not, the song is super apropos for spring break, where you want to remember every moment you’re able to spend having fun with your friends.

“She Knows” Ne-Yo ft Juicy J

As soon as the saxophone comes in – you know. The background is almost more infectious than the lyrics themselves. Ne-Yo’s slow R&B style mixes well with J’s rapping and fast bars. The duo has created both a club and radio hit that anyone can blast and bop around to no matter the setting.

“L.A. Love” Fergie

I, for one, am so happy that Fergie has made a triumphant return to the music scene. Her single “L.A. Love” is a combination of her rapper persona and her powerhouse voice, bringing listeners back to the days of “Fergalicious” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Her lyrics about traveling will lead listeners to feel wanderlust, but it’s worth enjoying the artist’s return to the game.

“Lifestyle” Rich Gang, featuring Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan

This laid-back rap hit is all about living the good life and working hard to get there. Spring break is all about hanging back, enjoying the freedom of being out of school and being around friends. With Rich Homie Quan by his side, the two explain how they came “straight from the bottom to the top / my lifestyle.” Whether you’ve faced hardship this semester or not, anyone can relate to the idea of hard work paying off.

“GDFR” Flo Rida

I cannot seem to get enough of this song. Flo Rida hasn’t been big in the music scene since “Wild Ones,” but now it’s clear that he waits for the right hit and brings the heat. “GDFR” or “Goin Down For Real” is a tight mix of Flo Rida’s raps, synths and well-timed pacing. It’s catchy and it’s about going out; if it wasn’t on this playlist, it’d be a crime.

Tori Roseman is a senior arts editor and can be contacted at tori.roseman@ubspectrum.com