UB Spectrum's guide to sex playlists

The how-to guide for crafting the ultimate sexual soundtrack

The Spectrum

Sex playlists are tricky because there are many, many songs about sex, but very few of those songs are actually appropriate to have sex to. Picking a handful of songs to set the mood and get things rolling might seem like an intimidating task. But, not to fear, here is the UB Spectrum’s guide to crafting your very own sex playlist.

DON’T use clichés

Yes, Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” is one of the most iconic songs about sex. But no, it should not be on any sex playlist. The key here is to focus on keeping your partner’s eye rolling to a minimum. Other songs falling into this category include “Sexual Healing,” “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and “My Heart Will Go On.”

DO have enough variety

The worst kind of mood killer is hearing the same artist or song over and over again. For example, The Weeknd’s song “Loft Music” is a pretty good song. But imagine if that song played for 30 minutes in a row. It would be absolutely horrible. Make sure you have enough music to last as long as you do so there is no repeated music.

DON’T have EDM music

Certain occasions call for certain kinds of music. Skrillex, Zedd and Major Lazer are perfect for parties. They are great to work out to. At concerts, it’s natural to scream and pump your hands in the air in response to the music. Fist pumping at a concert is one thing – but fist pumping in the bedroom is another thing entirely. Keep the EDM off the sex playlist.

DO experiment

Are you feeling bold or ambitious? You want to try and pull the quick Mariah Carey to Radiohead to Phil Collins switch-up? Why not? Go for it. Variety and spontaneity is never a bad thing. The best way to make a great sex playlist is to keep it relaxed. It’s not an exact science – it’s more of an abstract art.

DON’T take it too seriously

The key to all of this is to just relax. At no point should you be getting anxious over what kinds of songs you are playing during sex. It’s not that important. Whoever you are with in bed got into your bed for a reason. If you ever start telling your partner to “hold up, I just have change the song really quick,” then there is a clear sign you are taking your sex playlist responsibilities much too seriously.

*In case these guidelines still don’t help – check out the sex playlist we crafted just for you and your pleasure.

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